Friday, January 13, 2012

Forbes thinks Nick Saban should be fired.

John Tamny of Forbes just jumped into the early for the worst piece of sports "journalism" of 2012 not written for this blog. He has actually suggested that it's time for Alabama to fire Nick Saban after he led the Crimson Tide to its second BCS title in three years.

"Back to the point of my article, Nick Saban, quite unlike his predecessors, knew the brilliant brand that was and is Alabama football, and correctly saw that merged with his coaching genius he could quickly return the program to its rightful spot at the top. Having coached two national champions in three years he should be commended, Alabama’s athletic director should erect a statue of him at Bryant-Denny, but after that, he should fire him.

Why is this? Alabama should send Saban on his way because simple college football history in modern times says this is the last national title he’ll win for them. It’s not that Saban lacks the talent to win more than two for the Tide, but when we look at the “hottest coaches in college football” going back to the 1980s, it’s when they reach the top as Saban clearly has that their star begins to dim. Inexplicable losses start to reveal themselves, top-of-the-heap recruits don’t pan out, and then in some instances, team success breeds jealousy among rivals on the way to revelations of impropriety on teams of the agent/booster variety."

First the obvious: Alabama already erected a statue to Saban. A second statue might just be overdoing things. It's kicker Jeremy Shelley they should erect a statue in honor of for this latest BCS title, but I digress.

Second, exactly who does Tamny think 'Bama should replace Saban with? Les Miles maybe? Mike Gundy? Gene Chizik? Is Alabama going to find a better coach than Saban that's out there right now? Is any "hot" coach going to want to go to a school that will turn around and fire him if he's too successful? A bigger question - would recruits want to go to a school knowing that administration uses "no good deed goes unpunished" as standard operating procedure?

Tamny might have a point that Saban may only win two BCS titles, but for Alabama to fire him right now would just undermine the whole program. This is why non-sports journalists should stay away from talking about sports. They only make themselves sound foolish in the end.

(via Forbes)


Anonymous said...

Who is John Tamny and what sport did he play? Lets not make this about winning a championship lets make it about teaching some students a sport and the good derived from being on a team. AL has pulled together to do this, and quite successfully. They appear to have a winning conbination of coaches. They did not win solely because of Saban. One game does not make a season and subsequently any action regarding a coach has to weigh the entire realm of the coaches and their combined effort over a period of time. If Tamny wrote this just to his name associated with a thoughtless artical...He succeded.

Anonymous said...

Laughable. I think Saban is a very good coach who thrives in the SEC. He wasn't able to produce in the Big Ten for a few large reasons.
1. The midwest doesn't have the prospects the deep south feature and the Big Ten has tougher academic standards to get accepted into school.
2. The SEC continues to oversign. They gain an extra recruiting class every 5 yrs. When you add an additional 20-25% more prospects to choose from, it sure gives you an edge over the competition. The media don't want to focus on this nor do the fans of these school's football programs. I believe Vanderbilt is the lone exception and we see how they match up on the gridiron. When the NCAA wants to enforce their oversigning rules and close the obvious loopholes, then we may see a more diverse field from different conferences.

Anonymous said...

Here we go with "the Big Ten is smarter than the rest of you" arguement. So Terrell Pryor, Maurice Clarette are now Mensa members. Saban wins because he is great. Urban Cryer will continue to thug it up at OSU. Do I really need to comment on Penn State at this point. Your Holier than Thou attitude is a complete joke just like the Big Ten's record against the SEC. Roll Tide.

Anonymous said...

Tom Al-betar iS the reason he should be fired and Alabama put on sanctions.

The Original Rocker said...

Good read. And hilarious for Forbes to even publish that mess.

Anonymous said...

6:55 a,m Jan 14 has what I call a raging case of Penis Envy. Probbably a pissed off Auburn fan or a Big 10 fan. Get used to seeing Bama on top. Saban will be holding another crystal ball year after next. ROOOOOOLLLLLL TIIIIIIDDDDEEE!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've had the opportunity to listen to Saban at a coaching clinic and the man is a great coach with a tremendous work ethic. Being from Michigan I believe he would have continued great success at MSU if he would have stayed. But can MSU afford to be a basketball/football school. I enjoy the success he is having at Alabama and believe college football is a better place with his presents. Looking forward to seeing him and the Tide in August. GO BLUE

Roger Sanders JR. said...

john tamny i forget what makes you a expert on winning anything . you can't tie your own shoes much less know what it takes to win . do you even know how football is played. from what little time SABAN has been at ALABAMA he has done more than 99% of all coaches in any sport. so mr. or mrs. tamny stay off the drugs cause you are triping if you think you know shit about a sport and a place that we call, ALABAMA , so shut your hole and know your ROLL TIDE ROLL!