Sunday, December 11, 2011

Want a pair of Robert Griffin III's Superman socks? You might be out of luck.

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III made as much news last night for the socks he wore to the Heisman Trophy announcement ceremony as he did for actually winning the Heisman Trophy. The funky Superman socks complete with red cape stood out under the suit Griffin was wearing at the ceremony.

Sadly, the chances of your actually getting  a pair for yourself or someone like you seem to be slim to none right now. They are reportedly sold out everywhere on the web. (Apparently all the geeks already knew about them) Though there are apparently four pairs available on e-Bay. Or at least there were.

It should be noted that the socks were also reportedly made only in women's sizes. Take that for what you will.

(On a related front, did anybody see the glasses LSU cornerback Tyrann Matheiu was wearing on CBS's halftime show during the Army-Navy Game yesterday? Honey Badger don't need any glasses. He stole those from Clark Kent.)

(via Dr. Saturday, Chicago Now, GeekAlerts )

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