Monday, December 19, 2011

Matt McGloin speaks out on recent altercation with Penn St. teammate.

Penn State quarterback Matt McGoin met with the media today and discussed the alleged altercation between himself and teammate, wideout Curtis Drake. McGloin took responsibility for the incident, and referred to his being hospitalized after the incident as due to "a freak accident." He denies that Drake punched him out.

"As a quarterback for this university I feel as if I'm held to a higher standard," McGloin said. "I feel as if I'm a role model for younger kids. Coaches look at me to lead this team. I'm man enough to say I'm gonna take responsibility for it. It was my fault. It shouldn’t have happened. With everything going on with this university right now, we don’t need another distraction.

"It was immature," McGloin added. "The incident was ill-timed. To put Coach Bradley in this position, the man’s been through enough. My heart breaks for him, and we’re gonna do the best we can to try to fix this."

The fight carried into the locker room after McGloin and Drake got into a shouting match during a passing drill.

"As [Drake] came over toward me I couldn’t back away," McGloin said. "We just grabbed each other. It didn't last more than 10 seconds."

Interlocked with each other, their momentum carried them to the ground. McGloin's left shoulder hit the thin carpeting first, leaving a bruise, and his head snapped back and hit the ground. He called it a freak accident.

"That's the last thing I remember," McGloin said. "The last thing I remember is waking up on the stretcher."

Here's some video from the meeting with reporters.


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