Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is Isaiah Crowell in the doghouse with Georgia fans?

Before the 2011 season began, many Georgia fans were hoping that freshman running back Isaiah Crowell would serve as the impetus for getting a sputtering Bulldog offense back on track. Now  Crowell is getting a good part of the blame after the Bulldogs' second-half collapse to LSU in the SEC championship game.

"Speaking of running backs, did you hear the crowd boo when Isaiah Crowell limped off the field (again)? Maybe the crowd was yelling "boo" for Malcome, but I doubt it."

Vinyarddawg over at Dawg Sports puts things a little more bluntly.

"Some might claim that Crowell has been hobbled by a bum ankle since the second week of the season. To that contention I would respond by asking why he hasn't been held out of games to recover? Georgia's medical staff is not incompetent enough to clear a running back to play who is so injured that he literally can't play more than one play from scrimmage without having to limp off to the sidelines.

When he has come out of games, he hasn't been continually receiving treatment on the medical table or having surgery during the week to fix a problem... they just let him hobble off along the sidelines claming his ankle hurts too much to go in the game. That means his problem isn't with his ankle... it's with his head and his heart.

Or, in other words, he's just a p****y who doesn't like to get hit and can't play with a little pain like the other 99% of his compatriots on the football team have to do. So until further notice, just like the Bond villain, our offensive villain who weakens us at every turn is named P***y. P***y Crowell."

(non-parental words redacted by me. This is a family blog, y'know.)

The only problem with that name is that 1) You can't say it in front of mama. 2)The Bond villain in question, P***y Galore, kicked butt in Goldfinger, so she hardly deserves being compared to Isaiah Crowell here.

Add to that Crowell's one-game suspension for failing a drug test,  and speculation that he might transfer after the season is over, the former "Chosen One" of the Bulldog Nation doesn't seem so chosen anymore.

(via Jack's Bulldog BlogDawg Sports)

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