Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Georgia QB Aaron Murray wins the award for worst Christmas photo of the year.

Think you're the bomb because you won the "Tackiest Christmas Sweater" contest at work this year? Too bad. Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray just put everybody to shame with this get-up. Too-small tacky Christmas sweater? Check.  Gold reindeer antlers? Check. Glazed look that definitely suggests non-Mark Richt approved beverages have been consumed? Double check. One look at this, and Richt's gonna start Hutson Mason in the Outback Bowl.

Even Stephen Garcia has the smarts not to get Twitterpiced like this. And Murray has Bulldog linebacker Christian Robinson to thank for it.

Still, this outfit seems to be missing a little something. Oh, I know what it is...

Aaron's man-purse. Don't leave home without it.

(via Dawg Sports)

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