Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Peyton Manning as new Ole Miss head coach is the insane rumor of the day.

Most embarrassing Peyton manning image I could find. 
It was something that probably had to happen sooner or later. A rumor started floating around that Ole Miss might be interested in the services of currently injured Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to replace Houston Nutt as the school's head football coach. Pey-Pey's obvious family connections to the school (father Archie Manning and little brother Eli) paid a big part of this totally but-nuts idea.

Of course, there's not a single shred of reality behind it.Archie Manning has already shot the story down.

“I’ve gotten about 20 or 25 e-mails from people in that regard,” Archie Manning said, via the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “I passed that on to Peyton. He said, ‘Just tell them that I’m 0-10 as an assistant for Indianapolis.’”

You think that would put an end it all of this, but it probably won't for at least a day or two.

(via Pro Football Talk)

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