Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Has anybody seen Landry Jones tires? (Yes, they really were stolen.)

Landry Jones' personal Sooner Schooner, sans tires.

What  sounded at first like it was a simple prank is turning out to be something of a more serious (and quite real) crime. Yesterday, Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones posted an image of his truck on Twitter, sans tires. At first it sounded like it was a typical college prank. But now it seems that yes, the Sooner star QB was the victim of a crime.

"Turns out … his tires really were stolen. I (The Oklahoman's Travis Haney) just ran into one of his teammates while I was eating lunch, and he told me the strangest part of this is that everyone thinks it’s a joke. But Jones’ tires really were taken from his truck at some point early Tuesday morning."

Well, that's a bummer. Jones has already gotten new tires, and should probably be thankful that nothing more serious was taken (like the whole freakin' truck). I know the term "Sooners" refers to the land grab when the territory was open to settlers, but this is ridiculous.

(via The OklahomanKegs N' Eggs)

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