Saturday, November 19, 2011

Game Day Goulash: Oklahoma State-Iowa State, Trent Richardson, Urban Meyer, and more.

(Game Day Goulash is SWRT's  all-encompassing Game Day college football extravaganza.)    

 If your a pediatrician in or around Ames, Iowa, I'd get ready for a spike in business in the next nine  nine months.  Along with a spike in births.

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
Second ranked Oklahoma State falls to Iowa State in a double-overtime  37-31 loss that puts the BCS championship picture in chaos. (

Opportunity Knocks for Trent Richardson?  
Oklahoma State and Cowboy quarterback Brandon Weeden's meltdown at Iowa State may have given the Heisman Trophy hopes of Alabama running back Trent Richardson a huge boost. (

I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man.
Urban Meyer is not working out a deal to become head football coach of Ohio State. Because Urban Meyer said so. (SB Nation)

Hot in Here?
Derek Dooley on the Hot Seat? At least one blogger says so. (Rocky Topics)

Georgia (Dome) On My Mind.
Georgia looks at beating Kentucky to clinch the SEC East and a shot at the SEC Title in Atlanta. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

And I would run 500 yards . And I would run 500 more. Just to be the man who ran a thousand yards to fall down at your door.
Georgia freshman tailback  Isaiah Crowell looks for his first 1,000 yard rushing season. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Food for thought on Penn State.
The Washington Post's Colbert I. King writes on how the Jerry Sardusky scandal at Penn State needs to stay focused on Sardusky's alleged criminal actions instead of the hoopla surrounding the scandal.
(The Washington Post)

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