Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Suck for Luck" meme spawns a board game.

Just in time for that busy Christmas shopping season, Sports Pickle has come out with your very own chance for the NFL services of Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. The "Suck for Luck" board game features an Stanford S-shaped board with spaces that mock the quarterback situations of various unnamed NFL teams. Thinly-veiled jibes include "Your team hasn't had even a half-decent QB since the era of Dan Marino MOVE UP TWO SPACES," and "Your second-year QB has many flaws, but is seen as some sort of Football Messiah by local fans. MOVE BACK TO START." (Gee, I wonder who they could be talking about there?)

The Andrew Luck sweepstakes may have just started, but rest assured, it's not going to end until Luck's name is called in next year's NFL Draft.

(via Sports Pickle. HT: NESN)

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