Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steve Spurrier dumps mourning Stephen Garcia.

Here's a true story. A few year's back, my Sunday School teacher handed out a questionnaire to the class. It had questions like "What are angels?" "What are demons?" and "Who is Satan?"

When the the class finished filling the questionnaires out, the teacher took them up and began scanning through them. He stopped at one and looked at one class member's response to "Who is Satan?"

"You've got to be kidding me!" The teacher shouted. "Steve Spurrier?!?"

Three guesses who wrote that. (In my defense I put a "Just kidding!" next to it.)

I bring this up in reaction of Spurrier's most recent act of heartlessness that should remind you why describing The Old Ball Coach as "Satan" is common in the South, and not just within the borders of Georgia. Spurrier has decided to bench South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia after a lackluster performance in the Gamecocks' defeat to Auburn. What's not been widely commented on is what Garcia was apparently going through at the time.

"This past week, Garcia's grandfather died, although he remained with the team to play against Auburn."

Nice job, Spurrier. Kick a player when his down and in mourning. Granted, Garcia didn't have a performance like the one Brett Favre had after his father died. But that move was cold. And people wonder what Spurrier has instead of a soul.

(via ESPN)

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