Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nick Saban's graven image cloaked in LSU purple.

There can be only two reasons why the graven image of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban would be seen on the University of Alabama's Walk of Champions clad in a purple-hued cloak. Either A) Some overzealous LSU fan or fans somehow managed to elude University security to wrap the bronze shoulders of the Saban statue in Tiger Purple. Or B) Saban's statue somehow acquired through some nefarious means Northwestern head football coach Pat Fizgerald's wizarding cloak so it could magically grow its very own killer Potato Beast to deal with the Honey Badger, aka LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu. (The later would explain why Northwestern has sucked the past few weeks, as Fitzgerald would not willingly let his wizarding cloak out of his sight this far into the season.)

Well, okay. Option 1) Is the probable answer to the Saban statue's purple draping. This is certainly not going to go unanswered when the Crimson Tide hosts the Bayou Bengals on the fifth of November. I know of no reason why this purple-draped treason will ever be forgot on that date.

(via, Off Tackle Empire)


Anonymous said...

Come on Man!!! Boys will be boys. A word of advice for the Alabama faithful. Don't try to get even by trying to steal Mike the Tiger. That would be stupid.

Wright Blan said...

Don't give them ideas. Two words: Harvey Updyke.