Sunday, September 4, 2011

Derek Dooley's latest fashion statement - orange pants.

Derek Dooley, Tennessee head football coach and Knoxville's number one expert on hair, hats, and hygiene, can add another title to his growing list of areas of expertise - fashionista. For Saturday's season opening victory against Montana, his hairness wore a pair of perfect Tennessee orange pants. It's probably not uncommon for Vols fans to wear similar trousers, but having the head coach do it does give the act some credence.

No work on the manufacturer of the trousers (though Adidas is a prime suspect). But once the word leaks out, sales are probably going to go through the roof on Rocky Top.

(via Knoxville News Sentinel)


Anonymous said...

This man not only brings integrity back to the football program but also makes guaty look good!

Anonymous said...

Unlike "wrong lane Kiffin " Coach Dooley adds CLASS to what he does. The real class however is not in the clothes he wears, but in the person he is on and off the field! Go Big Orange!

Anonymous said...

Parents will want to send their kids to Tenneessee because of this man.

Anonymous said...

Is he wearing a black belt with brown shoes? You only accessorize with the white for that outfit baby!