Friday, August 19, 2011

The new Cy-Hawk Trophy is neither Cy nor Hawk. Discuss.

The Cy-Hawk Trophy, given annually to the winner of the Iowa-Iowa State game, has been given an extreme makeover. Here's the old version, which looks like just about any generic football trophy you could find at a local trophy and engraving shop.

And here's the new version. A creation of corporate synergy provided by the Cy-Hawk Trophy's new sponsor, The Iowa Corn Growers Association.

This says absolutely nothing about football. It says more about the trophy's new sponsors, but not much. And in the end, it looks way too much like one of those generic sculptures you see at one of The Avenue shopping malls than anything vaguely related to football.

(via Black Heart Gold Pants, KCRG)

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Anonymous said...

Another slap in the face to tradition. Bring the old trophy back.