Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Annoying fashion trend of the day: Jim Tressel wristbands.

Want to know how Ohio State players how much they think of former head football coach Jim Tressel? They've been seen in public wearing black wristbands with the letters "JT" in large red letters. A little cheesy, perhaps. Considering the circumstances behind Tressel being an ex-football coach over his (mis)handling of Tatgate, it's perhaps a little misguided. But at least it's not as geeky as Buckeye fans wearing sweater vests while marching in a Fourth of July parade under the hot scorching Ohio sun.

There's no word at to whether or not the Ohio St. administration is going to go for players wearing the wristbands during actual Ohio St. football games. Though it wouldn't be very considerate of current head coach Luke Fickell if any of the players did.

(via Kegs 'n Eggs)

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