Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aggiegeddon: A Texas A&M to the SEC song parody.

Okay, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Some Texas A&M fans (a father and daughter named Keith and Bethany Barber, specifically) with what passed for musical talent made up a musical parody and posted up over on YouTube. The bad thing about it was that they decided to write their musical opus to the tune of Don McClean's legendary American Pie. All eight-plus friggin' minutes of it. Get ready to stick icepicks through your ears, sports fans.

The really sad thing about this is that they actually believe that the Aggies could really compete against the SEC. Worse, they think SEC fans are scared of Texas A&M coming to the conference. Well, they're scared of how the Aggies might bring the conference down. As for events on the actual field of play,  just remember what a mediocre Georgia did to Texas A&M in the 2009 Independence Bowl.

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