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The Texas A&M to the SEC meme. Just. Won't. Die.

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Texas A&M's Board of Regents are set to get together and have a little talk about rival Texas' much-ballyhooed Longhorn Network on Thursday. This is added more fuel to the fire of the long-dormant talk of the Aggies bolting the ruins of what's left of the Big XII for the sunnier pastures of the SEC that has recently been reignited. While succession from the Big XII isn't reportedly on the agenda, it still is on the minds of many in Aggieland.

It's at this point that I should mention that I absolutely do not want Texas A&M in the SEC.  I'd rather see a team like TCU, who are on the rise, and hungry with something to prove join the SEC. So what if they're set to join the Big East? The SEC is Don Corleone, and could certainly make the Horned Frogs an offer they couldn't refuse. Despite a decent season last year, The Aggies have been on the downside for a decade, and 2010 could turn out to be a fluke.

With that in mind, I think it's time to review the main reasons why Texas A&M shouldn't be an SEC team.

The state of Texas has fielded two teams that appeared in either the BCS or BCS bowl games in the past three years. The Aggies weren't one of them.

Texas barely counts as the South. Sure, Texas was in the Confederacy. But I don't recall hearing about Sherman marching through Dallas. (Yeah, there was Galveston. It doesn't really count as driving Old Dixie down.)

 TAMU had to bail out the $16 million in-the-hole athletic department. In contrast, the Georgia athletic department gave the school $2 million of its $7 million dollar surplus in 2010 to help overcome budget shortfalls.

Speaking of Georgia, The Aggies lost the 2009 Independence Bowl to the worst UGA team since Ray Goff was coach. And at 6-6, they barely qualified for it in the first place.

 This tweet from Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton:

"Scanning photo wires for last post reminds me again that Texas A&M leads the nation by far in homoerotic rituals."

"The Aggie Song" from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, which is too much of a Freudian nightmare even for this blog. And speaking of Freudian nightmares...
The Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. There's nothing like an ROTC program transformed into a full-fledged Freudian Nightmare.

This could possibly be the best reason to reinstate "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

Texas Governor Rick Perry is a Texas A&M graduate. 'Nuff said.

So is Neal Boortz.

Reveille, the Texas A&M mascot.

Seriously? A collie? And a female collie if that? Imagine what would happen if she and Uga got loose at the same game at the same time. Think of what the puppies would look like.

Speaking of the Georgia Bulldogs, The Aggies lost the 2009 Independence Bowl to the worst UGA team since Ray Goff was coach. And at 6-6, they barely qualified for it in the first place.

This epic fail of a flash mob.


The Aggies don't have cheerleaders, they have Yell Leaders.

I'm beginning to think Matt Hinton was right.

And the best reason to keep Texas A&M out of the SEC:

The SEC already has two teams where Bear Bryant was head coach (Kentucky and Alabama). That's more than enough.

(via The Houston Chronicle, Corn Nation)

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Anonymous said...

TCU? They made their "upswing" in a weak conference. If Gary Patterson leaves TCU, the 'Horn Frogs are back to square one.