Wednesday, July 6, 2011

AJ McCarron's tattoo isn't a tramp stamp after all.

Remember that tattoo that Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron had reportedly gotten on his back? If not, here's a reminder.

Well you had better brace yourselves, because it turns out that it isn't a tramp stamp after all. McCarron had the ink job done right on his chest, for all the world to see. (At least when he's shirtless.)

[7/26/2011: Photo has been removed pending investigation.]

Of course this can only mean two things. A) McCarron may end up being the most redneck quarterback in Alabama history. (Or in the whole freaking SEC, for that matter.) And B) Tennessee star quarterback Tyler Bray's stranglehold on the title of "the most awesomely bad back tattoo in all of college sports" is no longer in jeopardy. In fact, his stranglehold on the title may have gotten stronger.

(via Friends of the Program)

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