Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A giant Texas A&M male cheerleader Yell Leader? A giant Texas A&M male cheerleader Yell Leader.

Do you need another reason to keep Texas A&M out of the SEC? Well here's one. The Aggies have no female cheerleaders. That's right, none. Nada. Zilch. Instead they have a group of male "Yell Leaders" who stand in their place. Apparently Texas A&M thinks cheerleading is too strenuous of a job for dainty females to handle down there in College Station, and that it must only be handled by men.

This explains why Texas A&M senior David Benack , a 6'10  obelisk of a man is conspicuous standing between Kansas  cheerleader Emily Kemph, and her very sequined Oklahoma State counterpart Megan Mayberry at the Big XII Media Days event.

The SEC has a high set of standards, and that includes having the most beautiful women in the world at the sidelines  cheering on the players of their respective schools. Yes, there are male cheerleaders in the SEC. But the schools in the conference have the common sense to admit that yes, they are male cheerleaders. They don't stoop down to try to hide that fact like Texas A&M does with that audacious "Yell Leader" handle.

(via Busted Coverage)


Anonymous said...

A&M used to be an all male military school. We preserve the history of our school, and yes we have more women now than men. Can a bunch of fru-fru pom-pom shakin' girls organize 85,000 fans to do the same thing at the same time? No cuz guys like you are too busy starin' up their little skirts. Yell leaders are elected by the student body (women>men) and girls can run for election, so stop complaining and get into the game!

Hector said...

Anyone can run for the position. It does NOT have to be only guys. It's been a tradition and we've been doing great with our old and awesome traditions.
You are focusing too hard on the matter, making it sound like we do not allow girls to run for that position, because we do. :)

Thank's and Gig'em

Class of '12