Thursday, July 14, 2011

Georgia Tech is an ex-2009 ACC Conference Champion.

The news that Georgia Tech would have to vacate its 2009 ACC conference title came out of left field today. It came as the result an NCAA investigation of the alleged gift of $312 worth of gifts to former Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. How did something like this stay under the radar? Blame the SEC.

"For one thing, the priority of the Atlanta media will always be on SEC schools over ACC schools, even when we're talking about in-state institutions. That's just the way it is, based on audience interest. But various independent media outlets do cover Tech sports and Tech sports alone, and several national publications have dedicated writers who cover the entire conference."

 Of course the other reason would be that the Atlanta media are a bunch of goobers (mostly). The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is a shadow of what is was during the days of Lewis Grizzard (and it wasn't actually The New York Times back then). And AJC columnist Mark Bradley has apparently spent most of his time working on his personal vendetta against former GTmen's basketball coach Paul Hewitt. In other words, the ATL media dropped the ball.

(via Atlanta Journal-Constitution, SB Nation)

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