Thursday, July 14, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Isaiah Crowell, Mark Barron, Joedan Jefferson, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)


Georgia running back Isaiah Crowell declared "The Most Important Freshman in America."
Because Chadd Scott said so. Shut up, Chadd. (

Oh no he's not!
Leather Helmet Blog takes issue with Chadd Scott's assessmetnt of Crowell. Basically ECDawg says Chadd is full of it. (Leather Helmet Blog)

Georgia has great special teams. 
As much as Georgia punts and kicks field goals, I wouldn't be surprised. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Not out of the woods yet.
Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley says that prodigal safety Janzen Jackson has "a lot of things to do to stay a part of the team." (Knoxville News-Sentinel)

Corn won't grow at all on Rocky Top, but a lot of grass does. 
University of Tennessee opens its Athletic Center for Field Safety. Basically, it's 60 different football fields of varying natural and artificial playing surfaces. And yes, the obvious Les Miles joke has been made. (Knoxville News Sentinel, Rocky Top Talk)

Bouncing Around the Room.
South Carolina offensive guard Terrence Campbell and linebacker Shaq Wilson are named by ESPN as "SEC bounce-back players." (ESPN)


The King on the Barron. 
According to "The King of College Football" Chuck Oliver, Alabama safety Mark Barron will be "a key to Alabama's season." (

Out of their depth? 
Izzy Gould raises questions about the depth of Alabama's offensive line. (

Our Finest Year?
Scott Hotard of The Advocate asks if 2011 will be a "big season" for LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson. (The Advocate)

Auburn goes 0-5 at the ESPY Awards.
On the plus side, Auburn won't have to worry about having any ESPY awards being stripped from the program in the future (


This is for the questions that don't have any answers.
William Wallace of Saturday Down South has "50 College Football Questions For 2011." Including "Will the SEC win yet another BCS National Championship?" And "Will Stephen Garcia continue to look exactly like Hurley from Lost?" (Saturday Down South)

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