Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tommy Tuberville should worry about future BCS titles, not ones in the past.

Well, this is a shocker. Texas Tech head football coach Tommy Tuberville is still bitter about now being able to compete for the BCS title back in 2004 when he was coaching at Auburn. That was the year undefeated Auburn was shut out of the BCS title game, which was played by then-equally undefeated USC and Oklahoma. Now that USC is an ex-BCS champion, thanks to the Reggie Bush scandal, Tuberville claims the now-vacant title should be awarded to Auburn.

"Yes," Tuberville said. "Someone should be awarded (the) title. If not, the team that had to forfeit is not really punished." 

Really, Tommy? Does this really have to do with USC being punished, or your bruised ego? There are a lot of Auburn fans who may feel the same way, but they have a shiny new crystal football to gloat over (at least for now). It probably bugs Tuberville under his skin that he has to watch them celebrate far away in Lubbock, Texas. It probably bugs a few Red Raider fans too, as he is focusing on his Auburn more than his current job. Especially the Team Leach supporters.

Tuberville is the head football coach at Texas Tech these days, not Auburn. Instead of whining about the past, he should be looking towards the future. He should be working hard to get the Red Raiders to the BCS Championship Game, and quit worrying about 2004. It does neither himself nor Texas Tech any good if he runs around complaining  about what happened at his former school. It makes him look petty and less of the brilliant coach that led his team to an undefeated season.

(via ESPN)

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