Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stephen Garcia is atop Pat Dooley's Wish List.

SEC Media Days are coming up next month in Hoover, Alabama, which pretty much literally means it will be Christmas in July for the college football sports media. And like any good little boy who's been very good over the past year, The Gainesville Sun's Pat Dooley has made his list of the SEC players he would love to see show up to bow at the press' mercy be questioned by the media.

Dooley's number one player for media scrutiny? Of course it's South Carolina's Stephen Garcia. Now, mind you, that's really asking for a lot here. It's like that time I wanted a live penguin for Christmas. That means it's probably not going happen, and Pat's gonna have to be satisfied with the Fisher-Price penguin pull toy I found under the tree that year.

Other players on young Pat's list? Florida's Chris "Time to die" Rainey, and Tennessee's Janzen "will he or won't he be back" Jackson. I bet Dooley was the kid who rooted for the bad guys in the movies.

Dooley has a little too high expectations with his SEC Media Days wish list. He should be happy if Tennessee star QB Tyler Bray, or Georiga's Aaron "Man Purse" Murray. Show up and answer questions on their moments of internet infamy.

(via The Gainesville Sun)

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