Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Duck Amuck: Things get stranger in Cliff Harris speeding case.

Things might be getting a little harrier in the case of Oregon cornerback Cliff Harris' speeding arrest. It turns out that the latest member of Oregon's Insane Clown Posse was driving a rental car that was rented under name of an university employee.

"On Tuesday, officials from the compliance office of the UO athletic department spoke multiple times with Mindy Schmidling, the payroll specialist in the university’s office of business affairs who rented the car and loaned it to Harris and another unidentified player.

In an e-mail exchange with The Register-Guard, Schmidling described herself as a friend of Harris’ who rented the car for her own needs Friday night and extended the rental at the request of the players, who compensated her financially for the use of the car. She said she was told that another player, whom she would not identify, would be behind the wheel.

Schmidling, 27, said she is not a UO graduate, nor has she worked in the athletic department."

Oops. The NCAA Infractions Committee is probably not going to be happy with this one.  

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