Monday, June 13, 2011

College football apparently doesn't exist in Grantland.

Grantland, ESPN's  much-ballyhooed sports and pop culture website created by Bill Simmons debuted last week. The idea was to create a one-stop site on the web for quality sportswriting. Mind you, Deadspin has been crawling in that direction for years, you just have to crawl through the layers ofcheap fratboy humor sometimes to find it.

Content-wise, Grantland has been what you expect. Simmons mixing NBA Finals commentary with references to The Wiggles and Tony winning play, The Book of Mormon. Profiles on Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lackey and the Barcelona-Manchester United Champions League soccer final. Chuck Klosterman musing on a 1988 junior college basketball game. And a three-page look at video game de jour L.A.. Noire.

What's missing? College football talk. Mind you, most people go to Bill Simmons for his keen insight and knowledge of college football like they go to McDonalds for a gourmet meal. And also mind you that  Grantland has been around less than a week, and fall is still a way off, timewise.

So what's the big deal? Well it is a little ironic that a site named after Grantland Rice, the sports writer that coined the name "The Four Horsemen" to describe Notre Dame's 1924 backfield, for one thing.  And in a week where the end of Jim Tressel's scandal-plague path at Ohio State dominated the sports headlines as much as the LeBron James meltdown into Atlanta Braves-esque goatville, the lack of commentary of the subject is noticeable.

Now judging a website after a week might be risky (go back to SWRT's earliest days, and see where this site has evolved/devolved.) And further monitoring to see what, if any college football stories show up. But for now, Grantland seems far away from the blue-gray October sky from where the Four Horsemen rode out of.

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