Thursday, March 24, 2011

Should Urban Meyer replace Jim Tressel at Ohio State? In a word, no.

Should Urban Meyer replace Jim Tressel at Ohio State? That's what Mike Bianchi is reported to have said on 740-AM in Orlando.

What do I have to say about the idea?To quote Nick Swisher in my favorite ESPN commercial of last year: "No way, dude."

If the idea for Ohio State were to "clean up" its program after Tressel and his handling of "Tatgate," then Meyer might not be the best candidate for the job. Sure, Meyer led Florida to two BCS championships. But put aside the crystal footballs and Tim Tebow, and you might see a few troubling issues for Ohio St. Namely, the arrests of at least 24 Florida players under Meyer's tenure as head football coach in Gainesville. That list just might be long enough to cover up that plaque with Tebow's "Promise Speech" Meyer had erected on the side of the Florida athletic facility.

It might be a popular play for Ohio St. to pick Meyer to replace Tressel, but with the Buckeye's issues being off the field, replacing a winner with a winner may not be the only thing the program needs. It What it would really need is a coach who isn't willing to look the other way when trouble is afoot. Besides, with the possibility of big-time NCAA sanctions hanging over the program, it may not be a too attractive place for Meyer in the first place.

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