Thursday, February 3, 2011

Derek Dooley doesn't do "Hot sauce" recruiting.

Derek Dooley, head football coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, he of perfect hair, and infinite fount of quotable material. His latest one for the quotation books came in a press conference about signing day, where he laid out his philosophy on recruiting. Which apparently doesn't include what he considers "hot sauce" recruiting.

“Everybody was panicking back in June because we had one commitment,” Dooley said in his first press conference since the Music City Bowl on Dec. 30. “But the way we recruit is very process-driven. We don’t throw hot sauce on them on the final weekend and try to scoop them in. I don’t think that stands the test of time, and I don’t think guys that come here with that kind of hot sauce on them, (if) that appeals to them, are the kind of guys that stick.

“Developing a deep relationship over time, selling what Tennessee has to sell, I think when you do that on enough players, eventually you’ll get a quality class.”

His Hairness didn't give examples of what he considered "hot sauce" recruiting. But you could imagine it included the things that got Lane Kiffin in a lot of hot water at Tennessee.

Here's the video of Dooley's latest gem of knowledge. 

(via Go Vols Xtra)

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