Monday, February 7, 2011

Auburn fans vandalize Alabama campus...again.

Some goober Auburn fan or fans decided to vandalize the area outside Bryant-Denny Stadium again.  Seriously, Auburn fans? Do you really have things better to do with your lives than to pull stupid stunts like duct-taping Auburn shirts or sticking Auburn BCS championship decals on Bear Bryant's statue? Or spray-painting the ground with the score from last year's Iron Bowl?

Auburn fans had better hope that the NCAA never finds any real dirt on Cam Newton and his daddy. Otherwise the Auburn campus is going to be covered in spray-painted asterisks or something like that.

(via Loser With Socks, Friends of the Program)


autigers1970 said...

Hey's winter rye grass, not spray paint.

Anonymous said...

pretty sure it isn't paint. it's from grass seeds have grown. but you bammers believe what you want.