Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Tentacles: Ohio State, Bobby Knight, Joe Paterno, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.) 

Back in the Saddle Again.  Ohio State is back at number one in the ESPN coaches' poll. (ESPN)

How low can you go? ESPN's Joe ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi has Michigan State has Michigan State as a no. 12 seed, and Michigan State in a play-in spot. (Detroit Free Press)

The one that got away? Steve Lavin says that he had sent his resume to Penn State after he has been fired from UCLA, and the job for coaching the Nittany Lions was open.  They hired Ed DeChellis instead and Lavin went on to coach presumably NCAA Tournament bound St. Johns. (Black Shoe Diaries)

The Fame Monster. Indiana coaching legend and ESPN college basketball  commentator  Bob Knight has will be one of the eight nominees going into the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. Michigan all-American Cazzie Russell will also represent the Big Ten in the Hall's class of 2011. (ESPN)

Marchinfornication brackets are out! It's hard to believe that KOKaine didn't make it into the tournament. But you can probably expect evil dirty commie Joe Paterno to have him doing something to stop America's Quarterback, Ricky Stanzi. (Black Heart Gold Pants)


No reprieve. The NCAA refuses to allow Purdue wide receiver Keith Smith a sixth year of eligibility. Smith missed most of the 2010 season due to injury. (ESPN)

Clayborn's draft stock rising. Former Iowa defensive end Adam Clayborn looks more and more like a first-round NFL Draft pick after an impressive showing at the NFL Combine. (Des Moines Register)

And how did Clayborn's teammate, QB Ricky Stanzi do? Not so well. (The Gazette)

The (Re)Name Game. There's a group which wants to rename Penn State's Beaver Stadium after Joe Paterno. Of course they do. (The Morning Call)

You can now roll Toomer's Corner online.

The tradition of rolling Toomer's corner has been put on hold while attempts to save the majestic oak trees from poisoning are ongoing. So leave it to the Internet to step in and provide Auburn fans a place to partake in one of their cherished rites of fall whenever they want. A site called gives Tiger fans and anybody else a place to virtually cover one of the famous trees, while providing a link to the Toomer's Trees and Traditions Fund.

(via WSFA)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Ryan Mallett, Greg McElroy, Julio Jones, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC  news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)   

I Love to Dance a Little Sidestep. Former Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett dodged questions on alledged drug use. (Arkansas News)

Unleashed. Georgia has lifted the suspension of tailback Washaun Ealey after three weeks in Mark Richt's doghouse. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Money for Nothing. Georgia offensive coorfinator Mike Bobo and two other Bulldog coaching staff members to receiveretention bonuses for managing to make it through the 2010 season without getting fired. If you ask certain Georgia fans, that's about all they accomplished last season. (

Money for Nothing, Part Deux. The nine Florida assistant coaches on Will Muschamps will be making a combined $2.93 million dollars for the 2011 season. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Licking the test. Former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy scored a 48 on his Wonderlic test. Which may be the only football-related test McElroy will ever best Cam Newton in. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Move over, Cam Newton. Former Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones (His mama named him that!) signs an endorsement deal with Under Armour. (

It's Atlanta! The SEC has extended its deal to hold the SEC Championship Game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta through 2015. (

Keeping up with the Jones'. A look at Tennessee's new Football Training Center, which is scheduled to be open for business in 2012. Too bad for Derek Dooley it's only 2011. (

Major accomplishment. The by the Boy Scouts of America's Great Smoky Mountain Council on Wednesday had named Tennessee legend Johnny Majors the Distinguished Citizen of 2011. Three guesses on whether Lane Kiffin ever gets that award, and the first two don't count. (Go Vols Xtra)


I feel like a Monster. Dick Vitale  calls the Tuesday night clash between SEC division leaders Alabama-Florida "a monster game." Though it's apparently only enough of a monster to make it to ESPN U's schedule at 7:00 PM EST. (

Kansas City here I come. Georgia will take part in the 2011 CBE Basketball tournament in Kansas City, Mo. on Nov. 21-22. California, Missouri, and Notre Dame will also be taking part. (Athens Banner-Herald)

Running Out of Days? Bruce Pearl may be "running out of answers" where it comes to Tennessee's lackluster play. And thanks to the NCAA's investigation of the Tennessee athletic program, his tenure as the Vol's head men's basketball coach be running out of time.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of hope on Toomers Corner?

There may be signs of hope for the trees on Toomer's Corner a week and a half after the announcement that the trees had been poisoned with a heavy amount of herbicide.

"The soil below the surface at Toomer's Corner is showing lower levels of a deadly herbicide than originally feared, but experts say it's too early to know if the trees will survive at the Auburn University landmark."

The trees are still in danger, but any sign that the trees could possibly be saved is a good one.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ricky Stanzi, International Man of Mystery.

The biggest mystery in the 2011 NFL Draft would seem to involve Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi. Part of that is because of the differing opinions of where Stanzi (aka America's Quarterback) should rank among this year's batch of QB's. Part of the problem might be that Stanzi has been better known for his fervent patriotism than for his resume as starting QB at Iowa, which includes winning the 2010 Orange Bowl.

Iowa somewhat underwhelming 2010 season hasn't helped clear away any of the questions many Draft gurus and football scouts have about how good of a pro QB Stanzi could be. It's resulted in a considerable variance when it comes to the projections of what round he'll go in the Draft.

Mel Kiper Jr. of ESPN, seems to be higher on Stanzi's draft stock than than other pundits. He feels that Stanzi deserves to go in the second round of the Draft, and points to his 59.2 third-down completion rate and his 3-0 bowl game record with Iowa . Other experts are not as sold on Stanzi as Kiper is, resulting on a wide range on opinion on where he ranks among other QBs in the Draft.

 "Pro Football Weekly rates him the third best quarterback in the draft – behind Blaine Gabbert of Missouri and Jake Locker of Washington and ahead of Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton of Auburn and Ryan Mallett of Arkansas.

Lindy's Pro Football Draft report pegs Stanzi as the ninth-best quarterback and projects him as a fourth-round pick."
Stanzi hopes to improve his chances in the 2011 NFL Draft this week at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. He has been working on his quarterbacking skills with Tom Brady's personal quarterback coach, Tom Martinez. The freshly buzzed Stanzi is looking to change the

Stanzi's draft stock may be higher or lower when the NFL Combine ends later next week. Though he might not become a first round pick, Stanzi may end up as being one of the bigger bargains in the Draft. If his pro career is as good or better than his college career has been, that is.

(via The News-Herald, Rotoworld,   Boston Herald)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Your moment of Tebowness: Tim Tebow playing ping pong

Tim Tebow recently hung out with some of the best ping pong players in the world in Las Vegas. Naturally, they played ping pong. 

And you wonder why Denver Broncos head coach John Fox decided to go with Kyle Orton as his starting quarterback next season.

Penn State uniforms to get even more boring.

There is a school of thought that admires Penn State for the spartan nature of its team uniform. The white helmet with the simple blue stripe, blue jersey and white pants recall the Mad Men days of smash-mouth football without the vulgarities things such as teams with a gazillion alternative unis or players with intricately choreographed touchdown celebrations. Others see it as representative of a team stuck in the past wearing modestly nondescript uniforms. If you're in the latter category, then get ready for the Nittany Lions unis to get even more boring.

Guido D'Elia, the Penn State director of football communications and branding, told a class at the university that the team's uniforms would be getting a slight makeover for the 2011 season. 

"Speaking to a class at Penn State, D'Elia indicated the home-uniform white trim around the neck and on the sleeves would be eliminated. Also, the road-uniform blue trim would be eliminated. (If true, Penn State's road uniform would be whiter than the Boston Celtics of the 1980s.)"

First off, can Penn State's uniform get even more generic? Second, is there ironic title than "Penn State director of football communications and branding?" Branding is such a 21st century term that having it used in the same context as the Penn State Nittany Lions borders on the edge between being  a complete contradiction in terms, and an absolute paradox of logic. 

There is merit in doing things like they did in the old days, but this is taking things to extreme. The all blue jersey without any kind of trim is two shakes of a rat's tail away from being your average pee wee football league jersey. Old-school sensibilities are admirable, but at the same time, there is at least on some level do something to be distinguishable. 

Penn State is bordering on being totally generic when it comes to its team uniform. It might wrangle a few fans if say, there was a logo on the team helmet. But at least it would give the team a comfortable level of identification. It wouldn't hurt when it came to licensing, either.  

Maybe when Joe Paterno finally retires, Penn State will decide truly enter the 21st century realm of brand identification. Until then, its old school mentality is beginning to border on the ridiculous. 

(via The Morning Call)

The Buffalo Bills question Cam Newton's QB experience.

There is a good chance that former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton will be tapped at the overall number one  pick in the 2011 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers. If they choose to go in another direction (like Newton's teammate Nick Fairley), the Heisman Trophy winner might run into some turbulence from other teams. The Buffalo Bills, who pick third in the Draft for example, have big questions regarding the controversial QB's level of experience.

The skepticism is exemplified in the Bill's goodwill ambassador, Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, who led the team to four Super Bowl appearances. Kelly is concerned with the fact that Newton has only one year of experience as a starting quarterback.

“When you use a pick that high, you’d better be a hundred percent sure about what you’re getting,” said Kelly, who was on his way to Los Angeles for the premiere of the movie “Hall Pass” (he has a business partnership with directors/co-writers Peter and Bobby Farrelly). “Well, maybe you can’t ever be a hundred percent sure about anyone, but …”

Kelly isn't directly involved when it comes to selecting players in the draft, but his questions on Newton's experience are shared with the Bills head coach, Chan Gailey. Gailey raised a red flag in a press conference when it came to Newton's experience in a pro-style offense.

"A one-year guy that had been in the pro-type offense, to me he's going to understand and be further along than the guy who was one-year in a non-traditional style pro offense."

The Bills are in need of a solid quarterback, but the 2011 NFL Draft has several QB's with more experience and  greater potential for NFL success than Newton. Other teams may share the same concerns for Newton as well.

(via The Democrat and Chronicle,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: 2011 Heisman candidates, Bruce Pearl,

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC  news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)   

Three in a row? The SEC candidates on Heisman Pundit's 2011 Heisman Watch List for a possible third Heisman Trophy in a row for the conference includes Auburn running back Michael Dyer, South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore, and Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray. (Heisman Pundit)

The high cost of partying. It  may cost you more to see Florida beat Georgia in the World's Largest (Censored by Dr. Michael Adams) in 2012. (Athens Banner-Herald)

New digs. Georgia dedicates the newly remolded and expanded Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, which houses the UGA football offices and training facilities. (Athens Banner-Herald)
Roll Tweet! Mark Ingram is on Twitter

A Tyler Bray temporary tattoo? What every Vol needs before they go down to Panama City for spring break. Now if someone would make one for America's Quarterback, Ricky Stanzi's back stamp. (EDSBS)

Last call. Legendary football and basketball announcer for Mississippi State athletics Jack Cristil will call his last game for the on Saturday Feb. 26. He is retiring due to health reasons. (ESPN)


The last straw? A Tennessee recruiting violation involving head men's basketball coach Bruce Pearl four days after his teary-eyed Sept. 10, 2010 press conference. Could be what costs Pearl his job. (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

Unquiet on the Western Front: Steven Theet, Lane Kiffin, Heisman candidates, and yes, Jimmer Fredette

(Unquiet on the Western Front is SWRT's look at the Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, and other West Coast/Rocky Mountain schools extravaganza.) 

Theet hangs up his cleats. Arkansas State quarterback Steven Threet ends his collegiate football career due to the effects of four concussions during his career. (ESPN)

Misguided loyalty? USC athletic director Pat Haden supports head football coach Lane Kiffin after the NCAA hits Kiffin with charges of failing "to promote an atmosphere of compliance" while at Tennessee. (Los Angeles Times)

I've got a little list. Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore, USC QB Matt Barkley, Oregon running back LaMichael James, and Stanford QB Andrew Luck are among those representing the West on Heisman Pundit's Heisman Watch List. (Heisman Pundit)

Give me strength. Marques Tuiasosopo will be joining  Rick Neuheisel's coaching staff at UCLA as an either assistant strength coach or a similar position. (ESPN)


Jimmer jams. An injured left calf didn't stop America's New Mancrush, Jimmer Fredette from leading BYU to a 84-76 victory over Colorado State. (Salt Lake City Tribune)

Clash of the (Mid-major) Titans. St. Mary's faces Gonzaga in a West Coast Conference showdown where the Gaels could clinch the regular season conference title. (Contra Costa Times)

Wish List. Old Dominion's Blaine Taylor is among the list of potential candidates for men's basketball coach at Wyoming. Others include former Kentucky head coach Billy Gillispie  and Florida assistant coach Larry Shyatt (Cowboy Altitude)

Brady Hoke redecorates the Michigan weight room.

Brady Hoke has been on the job at Michigan for less than two months. That hasn't stopped him from making a few decorative changes in the weight room. Hoke has added clocks counting down the days until the 2011 games against Michigan State and Ohio State (which Hoke calls "Ohio," doing the nerdy coach-won't-call-the-rival-by-its-real-name thing). He's also added a quote from Spartan head football coach Mark Dantonio allegedly made at a coaching clinic.

Whether or not that is an actual Dantonio quote is up in the air. But the quote and the countdown clocks show the level of hokeyness the Wolverines' new coach has brought to his new job. (Or is that Hokeness?) Countdown clocks are so "two-thousand-and-late" they're even more stale than that Black Eyed Peas already is.

(via SB Nation Detroit)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Greg McElroy, Ryan Mallett, Chris Relf, and more.

Out of hand. An injured throwing hand will keep former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy from  throwing during the NFL Combine and Alabama's Pro Day. (

Mallett gets hammered. Tony Softli, a former St. Louis Rams vice-president of player personnel, joined the chorus of people questioning former Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett's character and consistency for success on the field. (

Lane violations. Former Tennessee and current USC head football coach may end up taking the blunt of the NCAA's wrath for rules infractions occurring during his one-year stint in Knoxville. (Go Vols Xtra)

More money, no problems. Georgia reports that the Bulldogs' lackluster 2010 football season hasn't caused much harm to contributions tied to football ticket sales. (Athens Banner-Herald)

Meet Chris Relf. Mississippi State quarterback Chris Relf could be the SEC's breakout player for 2011, according to ESPN's Chris Low. (ESPN)

Big Tentacles: Tyler Sash, Ricky Stanzi, Tom Izzo, and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.
The Safety Dance. Former Iowa safety Tyler Sash is listed by as one of  "Five safeties to watch at the combine." (

Patriot Games. America's Quarterback, Ricky Stanzi, prepared for the NFL Combine by working out with Tom Brady's personal quarterback coach, Tom Martinez. (The News-Herald)

Pouring water on an already drowned man. More gratuitous Rich Rodriguez bashing. This time it's a post-morterm on Rich Rod's recruiting prowess. (Maize n Brew)


Let's Wait Awhile. Michigan State head men's basketball coach Tom Izzo supports a proposal for the NBA to
restrict basketball players from playing in the Association until they are three years removed from high school graduation. (Detroit Free Press)

It's good to be back home again. Ohio State returned to Schottenstein Center and ended a two-game losing skid by defeating Illinois. (Along the Olentangy)

Rise and Fire. A brief history of the Purdue "Hail Fire/IU sucks" cheer in honor of Purdue-Indiana hate week. (Hammer and Rails)

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Black Heart Gold Pants' "Marchinfornication" is on the horizon. Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Hide your Barbasol.  (Black Heart Gold Pants)

Life just isn't getting any better for Harvey Updyke.

The bad news for accused Toomer's Corner poisoner Harvey Updyke: He's reportedly living in his car after the owner of the house he was renting in Alabama kicked him out asked him to leave, apparently fearing for his own safety. Updyke apparently can't even afford a van to live down by the river in.

The even worse news: Updyke is on his fourth attorney,  as two previous court appointed attorneys cited connections to Auburn as conflicts of interests with representing the accused tree poisoner, and another asked to be removed because he just couldn't  get along with him.

The worst news: Clay Travis is apparently the only attorney in America who really wants to represent Updyke.

(via Image CPR,,, Fanhouse)

Is Judment Day coming for Tennessee?

ESPN reports that Tennessee has received the long awaited notice of allegations from the NCAA over incidents involving the football men's basketball, and baseball programs. The notice is expected to be released to the public later on Wednesday.

"The allegations involving the football team go back to Lane Kiffin's turbulent 14 months as the Vols' head coach during the 2009 season, and some of the most serious charges revolve around a trip Tennessee recruiting hostesses took to Duncan, S.C., to see a pair of high school prospects the Vols were recruiting. One of those prospects is current Tennessee defensive end Corey Miller."

As for the men's basketball program, it centers around improper recruiting practices directly involving head men's basketball coach Bruce Pearl. 

The school will go reportedly before the NCAA  committee on infractions on June 10-11. The men's basketball program will probably get the blunt of the penalties, the football program is not expected to be hit with anything like what the NCAA hit USC with, which is now coached by Kiffin. There is a pretty good chance that Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton's job might not survive any sanctions. 

(via ESPN, ESPN SEC Blog)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Aaron Murray, Janzen Jackson, and a steer named after Trey Burton.

It Wasn't Me. David Pollack would like you to know that he had nothing to do with Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray's ankle injury. (SB Nation Atlanta)

We've got your back. Tennessee coaches and players are showing their support for safety Janzen Jackson, who withdrew from school this semester for unknown personal reasons. (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

Will Jadeveon Clowney be a "Freshman Force" at South Carolina?  Not if the recent history of SEC freshman defensive ends who went on to be first round draft picks follows form. (

No bull. Florida quarterback Trey Burton has a steer named after him. (Orlando Sentinel)


'Bama on the bubble. A look at the record of the Alabama men's basketball team to see why despite being SEC West leaders, the Tide is still on the bubble. (Roll 'Bama Roll)

Unquiet on the Western Front: Jimmer Fredette, Stanford's Shane Skov, Chris Petersen, and more.

(Unquiet on the Western Front is SWRT's look at the Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, and other West Coast/Rocky Mountain schools extravaganza.)   

UCLA is lacking in  fundamentals. Better pre-season coaching would help. Somebody other than Rick Neuheiselas head football coach would probably help too. But that's just my opinion. (Bruins Nation)

Cal may trot out alternate white helmets for 2011. They should probably ask Georgia how stunts like that work out first. (Sports by Brooks)

Meet Shane Skov, the Stanford junior linebacker who might steal a headline or two from Andrew Luck this year. (Dr. Saturday)

Stanford's recruiting class is smarter than you. Which will be a good thing for Stanford unless somebody teaches Watson the Jeopardy-winning computer how to throw a thirty-yard pass. (Wall Street Journal)

"Tiny" award is a big achievement. Former Cal wide reciever Jeremy Ross was honored with the Tiny Bates Award, which is given each year to the most outstanding Cal senior from the Sacramento Valley area. (California Golden Blogs).  

Chris Petersen's bonus round. Boise State head football coach Chris Petersen will get a $35,000 raise after changes to his contract were approved by the Idaho State Board of Education. The board also approved funding for a new football facility for Boise St. (Idaho Statesman)


It's just a flesh wound.  America's New Mancrush, Jimmer Fredette says an injured left calf won't keep him out of Wednesday's  BYU home game against Colorado State. (Salt Lake Tribune)

CBS puts its eye on Ducks and Wildcats. CBS will broadcast the March 5 regular season Oregon-Arizona regular-season ending match-up. (

Blame it on inconsistency. If Utah men's basketball coach Jim Boylen gets fired, it will be due to the lack of consistent when it comes to success on the court. (Block U)

Blame it on Steve Jobs. Washington State junior guard Klay Thompson was benched for the first five minutes and 47 seconds of an embarrassing 71-69 defeat to Arizona State for being late to get on the team bus. He said he had lost his iPod. (The Spokesman-Review)

Big Tentacles: Prince Amukamara, Joe Paterno, Tom Izzo, and more

Thoughts and prayers go out to Eddie Podolak, Iowa Hawkeye broadcaster (and former Hawkeye) halfback, who was seriously injured after being struck by a car in Arizona. (Hawk Central)

The Prince and his Court. Cornerback Prince Amukamara leads a group of nine former Nebraska Cornhuskers to this week's NFL Combine. (Corn Nation)

Two's company. Offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski and running back Evan Royster are the only former Penn State players invited to the NFL Combine this year. (Black Shoe Diaries)

What do you do with a $10,000 necktie? The necktie Joe Paterno wore during his 400th career victory was auctioned off for $10,200. The proceeds of the auction went to Penn State Public Broadcasting. (Dr. Saturday)


The Izzo's good deed of the day. Michigan State head men's basketball coach Tom Izzo stopped to help a woman whose car was blocked by snow in her driveway by shoveling the snow out of the way. (Detroit Free Press)

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Looking at the Purdue-Indiana rivalry from the days of the Gene Keady vs. Bobby Knight coaching battles, to the Boliermaker's recent success. (Hammer and Rails)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Aaron Murray sprains his ankle.

The bad news for Georgia and Aaron Murray is that the starting quarterback sprained his ankle in a pick-up soccer game during the weekend. He's walking around the UGA campus on crutches, but should be healed up by spring practice.

The good news for Aaron Murray? Twitter "personality" Summer of Mallet has tweeted that Murray  can borrow his scooter.

(via Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Is Appalachian State Conference USA bound?

Southern Pigskin is reporting on a rumor that Appalachian State is ready to move on up to the FBS, and is looking to join Conference USA. It would be a huge move for the school which got national attention for its upset victory over Michigan in 2007.

The main roadblock in the move is that C-USA would have to apparently drop a team to make room for the Mountaineers. But is UCF or Memphis make the move to the Big East (which will probably happen sooner or later), someone's going to have to step up and fill the void.

(via Southern Pigskin, HT to Leather Helmet Blog)

Happy Birthday, George Washington!

He's coming. He's coming. He's coming.

(Yeah, it's not his real birthday, but it's one of those "first Monday" things. Deal with it and enjoy the day off if you get it.)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Toomer's Corner, Alabama's jumbotron "violation",

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC  news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)

Tag teamin'. Gene Chizik and Nick Saban sent out a joint press release condemning the poisioning of  the oak trees of Toomer's Corner. (

Do the Right Thing. A group called Times for Toomer's is raising money to help pay to replace the oaks of Toomer's Corner. (College Football Talk)

My Heart Will Go On. Even though the Oaks of Toomer's Corner may not survive, Auburn fans will keep their legacies alive through the tree's seedlings. (WAAY)

I didn't do it, no one saw me do it, there's no way you can prove anything! Alabama says that an incident where football recruit Barry J. Sanders and his father (the Barry Sanders) were shown on the jumbotron alongside Nick Saban at a recent Alabama basketball game does not constitute an NCAA secondary violation. (

I can ease your pain. Get you on your feet again.  Tennessee hires Logan Merrit to be an associate athletic trainer. (Go Vols Xtra)

Oh no he didn't! A Georgia blogger theorizes that UGA's VI, VII, and VIII were all poisoned by Florida fans irate over the Dawg's "Touchdown Celebration" during the 2007 iteration of the World's Largest (CENSORED BY MICHAEL ADAMS).  Not. Very. Funny. (The Grit Tree)


We finally got a piece of the pie. Alabama takes at least a piece of the SEC West men's basketball title after a 69-56 win over Arkansas. (The Crimson White)

Vols in the Fall. Tennessee takes another tumble in men's basketball as Georgia beats the Vols 69-63 on Saturday. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Tentacles: Nebraska vs. Northwestern, Jordan Taylor, and...Bon Jovi?

Who's the real NU? A debate over which Big Ten school gets to use the initals NU: Northwestern or newcomer Nebraska. (ESPN)

Ohio state derailed. Purdue knocks off 3rd in the nation Ohio State 76-63. (ESPN)

I've got a little list. Wisconsin point guard Jordan Taylor has been added to the list of Cousy Award finalists. (

Bubble Dance. Michigan State is listed as one of the last four in the NCAA Tournament. Penn State is one of the next four out. (BT Powerhouse)

You Give Love a Bad Name. The Penn State basketball team was forced to hold practice in the schools Intramural Building because Bon Jovi commandeered Bryce Jordan Center for rehearsal space. (ESPN)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Your moment of Jimmer Fredette manlove of the day with yet another parody song.

America's New Mancrush, Jimmer Fredette, scored 23 points in BYU's victory over TCU today.  What better excuse to post another Jimmer Fredette song parody.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Your Freudian Nightmare of the Night, courtesy of the University of Michigan hockey team.

The University of Michigan hockey team performed a skit spoofing The Price is Right at UM's annual Mock Rock charity variety show, which benifits the school's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

Warning: this skit features a) A contestant in too short shorts with too high socks, b)  Male hockey players in swimsuits (both male and female kinds) playing Barker's Beauties, and c) Not-so gentle ribbing of former Wolverine quarterback Tate Forcier.

Let's all hope that the "Barker's Beauties" didn't suffer any sexual harassment from "Bob" like the real ones (allegedly) did.

(And if you want to know more about the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital, click here. Or here, if you want to donate some money for the hospital.)

(via MGoBlog)

Your moment of Jimmer Fredette manlove of the day, but this one's for the ladies.

All the women of America love Jimmer Fredette. Here's the proof.

"I didn't care about sports/Until I saw you in your shorts." Inspired writing there.

Shirts Without Random Triangles: Someone made a Harvey Updyke t-shirt.

Call this the least shocking event so far in the Toomer's Corner poisoning case. Some goober is trying to make a buck off it.  It didn't take long before this t-shirt with Harvey Updyke's notorious grill on it showed up online. Just remember not to wear it anywhere around Auburn anytime soon. Like for a couple of decades or so.

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: The Toomer's Corner case, UGA, LSU, and more.

The Toomer's Corner tree poisoning is "a new low." Because Mark Schlabach said so. (ESPN)

Welcome to Athens.  Washington Redskins defensive assistant coach Kirk Olivadotti has been hired by Georgia as its new inside linebackers coach. (Athens Banner-Herald)

Mr. Robinson leaves the neighborhood. LSU special teams coordinator Joe Robinson is leaving to become defensive line coach at North Carolina. (ESPN)

Pay up. Ticket prices for Tennessee home games are going up. (Go Vols Xtra)


Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before. LSU athletic director Joe Alleva says that the Tigers' head basketball coach, Trent Johnson is in no danger of getting fired despite a 10-15 record so far this season. (

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arrest made in Toomer's Corner poisoning case.

An arrest has been made in the poisoning of the oak trees of Toomer's Corner. 

"Auburn police said Harvey Almorn Updyke, 62, of Dadeville, was arrested at 1:26 a.m. Thursday on a warrant charging him with criminal mischief.  Investigators said his arrest stems from an investigation involving the application of herbicide to the oak trees located at Toomer's Corner in the downtown area."

Updyke could face  one to ten years in prison for the criminal mischief charge, which is a Class A felony in Alabama.

(via WBRC,  al.comLonely Tailgater)

Your moment of Jimmer Fredette manlove of the day.

The Jimmer Fredette manlove parade continues. Here's yet another video dedicated to the, uh, "Mormon Chris Paul."

There's really nothing much to add to that one.

Alabama puts Walk of Champions under video surveilance.

Alabama has taken steps to halt the rampant acts of vandalism on the Walk of Champions that might have resulted in the poisoning of the oaks on Toomer's Corner at Auburn. The school has placed the area under video surveillance. Or at least its reminding students and visitors its under surveillance.So just in case somebody decides to let this asinine cycle of vandalism return to the 'Bama campus just remember - Big Al is watching you.

(via The Daily Bama Blog)

Here's the audio of the goober that says he poisioned the oaks at Toomer's Corner

Here's the audio of Al, the caller on the Paul Finebaum show from last January who said he poisoned the oak trees at Toomer's Corner.

This clown not only makes Alabama look bad, he makes the whole South look bad. Not to mention college football fans.

On a different note, check out @toomersoaks out on Twitter. It one of the more funny, sad, and yet moving on some level at the same time accounts on Twitter right now. Which for a fake Twitter account claiming to be a tree is saying a lot.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toomer's Corner trees on Auburn campus poisoned.

There are times that college rivalries can get out of hand. This is the case where an Alabama fan called in to Paul  Finebaum's radio program on January 27th, claiming to have poisoned the oak trees at Toomer's Corner on the Auburn University campus. Auburn officials announced today that the trees had been poisoned, and probably won't survive.

Police are investigating the situation. There's no word if there is a connection to the recent acts of vandalism to Bear Bryant's statue or the writing of the 2010 Iron Bowl score using rye grass allegedly committed by  Auburn supporters. Either way, this is taking things way too far.

(via Auburn University Office of Communications and Marketing, on Twitter)

Yes, there are Jimmer Fredette rap songs

Just when you thought that had finally recovered from that crummy Jimmer Fredette "Wanted Dead or Alive" parody tribute song along comes the Jimmer Fredette rap tribute. And naturally, it's a takeoff of "Teach Me How To Dougie." Please kill me now.

At least it isn't as Freudian nightmare-inducing as that Wisconsin "Teach Me How To Bucky" video.  The last one of those I had involved Bucky Badger dressed up as a Drill Sergeant who had me in the front leaning rest position and...I don't want to talk about it. It's too painful to think about.

Anyway, it's this isn't the first rap song about America's New Mancrush. Fredette's brother, TJ Fredette recorded a rap song for him that he listened to before last year's first round victory against Florida in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

Not bad. TJ's probably going to be singing that in front of an NBA crowd before next fall (barring a lockout).

(via Mountain West Connection)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Cam Newton, Jadeveon Clowney, bracketology, and more.

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC  news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)  

Yes, that's a double-barreled cannon. And you wonder why The South lost the war. 

Still going. The NCAA is still investigating Cam Newton. (

If you build it they will come. Auburn is building a new indoor practice facility. (

Great Expectations. Expectations are high at South Carolina after winning the SEC East and with Jadeveon Clowney's commitment. (

Arkansas' Tyler Wilson is the quarterback to watch out for this year. Because Chuck Oliver said so. (

Win some, lose some. Georgia may be winning the recruiting wars in-state with the "Dream Team," it's losing steam in South Carolina. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Is "uxorious" a word? Is is in Alabama. Though you probably shouldn't  go using it in a game of Words With Friends just yet. (Roll 'Bama Roll)


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Georgia is seen as a bubble team for the NCAA Tournament after falling to Xavier last week. (SB Nation Atlanta)

Is the Crimson Tide Schrodinger's Team? Depending on which media source you follow, Alabama is both in and out of the NCAA Tournament at the moment. (Roll 'Bama Roll)

Vanderbilt's John Jenkins would be the SEC Player of the Year if this was the end of the season. Because Chris Dortch said so, (SEC Nation)

Kentucky is on "The Road To Perdition." So does this make John Calipari Tom Hanks or Paul Newman? (A Sea of Blue)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unquiet on the Western Front: Andrew Luck, Jimmer Fredette, and more.

(Unquiet on the Western Front is SWRT's look at the Pac-12, WAC, Mountain West, and other West Coast/Rocky Mountain schools extravaganza.)   

Cal schedules 2011 season game against FCS division Presbyterian College. Apparently Georgia State wasn't available.   (California Golden Blogs)

Luck of the draw. The New York Times Pete Thamel interviews Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. (New York Times)

Duane we hardly knew ye. Arizona defensive backs coach Duane Akina is leaving to return to his old job at Texas after only a few weeks on the job. (Austin American-Statesman)


No "star treatment?" The only people not showing  BYU's Jimmer Fredette any love are the referees, who apparently aren't giving him many favorably calls. (ESPN)

Downfall. A look at the freefall of Utah basketball from its loss to Kentucky in the 1998 NCAA Tournament championship game to its current state of irrelevancy. (Block U)

Behind the 8-ball. Arizona State loses its eighth game in a row. (House of Sparky)

Under the radar. UCLA Head men's basketball coach Ben Howland has put together a good Bruins' basketball team, though it's hard to get attention with the Lakers and Blake Griffin in town. (Los Angeles Times)

Big Tentacles: Terrelle Pryor, Tim Hardaway Jr., and more.

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big Ten and the schools it not-so-secretly covets.

Player hater. Off Tackle Empire picks Terrelle Pryor as its preseason candidate for "The Most Hated College Football Player" for 2011. (Off Tackle Empire)

Do It Again? After TCU turned down a chance to play Wisconsin in a rematch of the Rose Bowl. Someone asks the inevitable question on whether teams in bold games should be required to play each other in a rematch the following season. (Track 'Em Tigers)

It's My Turn. Rita Rodriguez, wife of former Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez, follows in her husbands footsteps my donating her Michigan-branded apparel to the Salvation Army. (Detroit Free Press)

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday. ESPN Big 12 blogger David Ubben lists the things he'll miss as Nebraska heads out of the conference. Chill, dude. The Huskers are moving to the Big Ten, not Mongolia. There's nothing that says you can't still watch them. Don't be so dramatic. (ESPN)


And the nominees are...Looking at the candidates for Big Ten Player of the Year. (Hammer & Rails)

Scout's honor.  Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis polled an anonymous group of NBA Scouts to get their opinions on players who are probably headed for the NBA Draft, including Ohio State's Jared Sullinger, Purdue's JaJuan Johnson, and Notre Dame's Ben Hansbrough. (Sports Illustrated)

Squeaking in. Michigan State will be one of the last four teams in the NCAA Tournament, according to ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi. (Detroit Free Press)

On the other hand,  USA Today lists Michigan State and Michigan as being out of the tournament, and Illinois and Minnesota as being in. (USA Today)

In Your Honor. Michigan's Tim Hardaway Jr. has been named the Big Ten Freshman of the Week. (Detroit Free Press)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nick Saban's graven image will finally be revealed at Alabama spring game.

The statue of Nick Saban to commemorate Alabama's 2009 season BCS championship will finally be unveiled on April 16,  the day of Alabama's spring practice game.  Maybe it took the building of that  snowman on the still-vacant site in front of Bryant-Denny Stadium to galvanize the University of Alabama to get around to erecting the much-talked about statue. 

(via SB Nation)

Jimmer Fredette immortalized in LEGOs.

This is from the "It Had to Happen" file. Someone decided to pay tribute to BYU's Jimmer Fredette with a bunch of LEGOs.

It's not the best use of LEGOs to recreate sporting events ever.  That would have to go to the Lego version of FIFA World Cup matches. But you have to give them the BYU fans credit for trying.

The Justin Beiber-Mike Gundy Mutual Admiration Society is now in session.

Expect Oklahoma State to become the most popular college football program in America among the teenage set. The number one object of their desires, Justin Beiber, has the now legendary Mike Gundy "I'm a man! I'm forty!" rant as his ringtone. Here's the visual proof.

And what does "The Man" himself think about this? He's apparently reciprocated the act with his own cell phone.

All i can say is that at least Beiber has enough taste not to be a Gator fan. If you start seeing a bunch of teenagers wearing Oklahoma State gear, you know why. Or if you see Ozzy Osbourne fans sporting Oklahoma gear, for that matter.

(via SB Nation, Friends of the Program)

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Aaron Murray, SEC expansion talk , Vanderbilt, and more

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC  news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)  

Another Vol suspension. Tennessee has suspended safety Brent Brewer after his arrest on a domestic assault charge. (

You're hired. Former Clemson offensive coordinator Billy Napier has been hired by Alabama to be a member of the football support staff. (

Sweet Relief. Alabama's 2011 schedule lacks the six SEC teams coming off of bye weeks that the 2010 schedule became infamous for. It's down to three this season. (

Remembrance of Things Past. Looking back at the last time Boise State came into the state of Georgia in 2005, where the Dawgs clobbered the Broncos 48-13. . Don't expect the same result this time around in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game this fall.  (Leather Helmet Blog)

Heart Like a Wheel. Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray and other members of the Georgia football team served as escorts for contestants in the Big Hearts Pageant, a benefit for the Extra Special People program which helps special needs children and young adults. (Athens Banner Herald)

The downside of SEC expansion? 680 the Fan's Chuck Oliver and Matt Chernoff recently discussed the ramifications of an expanded SEC. It could mean teams might not play each other for longer periods of time. (

What if Nike designed LSU's basketball court? It'd look more like the Bayou than the hardwood. (And the Valley Shook)


Don't call it a comeback. Vanderbilt makes a strong rebound in basketball with a 3 game winning streak against South Carolina, Alabama, and Kentucky. (Anchor of Gold)

Making adjustments. Bruce Pearl may be changing things at the Tennessee point guard position following the Vols' recent on-court struggles. (GoVolsXtra)

The agony and the irony: Zach Mettenberger may have been dismissed from Georgia by Damon Evans

Was former Georgia athletic director Damon Evans responsible for the dismissal from the Bulldog football team of Zach Mettenberger? That is the what Sports By Books reported on the blog's new Facebook fan page. The quarterback was dismissed from the team last year after he got in trouble with the law during an incident at a bar in Remberton, GA .
The irony is that this came a few months before Evans himself was arrested for DUI in s highly publicized incident that cost him his job. Mettenberger is now under scholarship at LSU. Evans is out of football completely, and works for a marketing firm in Boston.

(via Sports By Brooks Facebook fan page, HT to Leather Helmet Blog)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Will the Jadeveon Clowney recruiting saga end not with a bang, but a whimper?

The story of Jadeveon Clowney,  the top prospect in America according to, will be reaching a boiling point on Monday when he announces his decision on what college the will be playing for this fall. Reports are that it will be a two-school race between Clowney's home state schools of Clemson and South Carolina, with Alabama still in the running as a dark horse. This story has gone almost two weeks since National Signing Day, and might be an indication that there might be some behind-the-scenes issues with Clowney, as Saturday Down South suggests.

"When a kid waits this long to announce, there has to be some red flags going off. The red flags sometimes translate to having an underwhelming effect in college, for the most part. A great example is the recent recruitment and school selection of Bryce Brown. Brown waited long after NSD to announce for Tennessee, and he ended up hating it there and left last spring for Kansas State. So far, he hasn’t lived up to the hype."

There's a possibility that Clowney may have to go the JUCO route to improve his grades. If that's the case, the program that he chooses would have to wait a year for his services. Its doubtful that neither Steve Spurrier nor Dabo Sweeney want to go through the very public drama Tennessee's Derek Dooley went through with Brown. The delay in Clowney's decision  could end up indicating a need to put a "buyer beware" sticker on the nation's top prospect.

(via Saturday Down South)

Tennessee Vol Tobias Harris' father is a tiger dad.

One of the hot topics of the moment is that of the "tiger mother." the authoritarian maternal figure who is very demanding and controlling of her children. Logic would dictate that there are men out there who are "tiger fathers" and act in somewhat the same way. Tennessee forward Tobias Harris' father, Torrel Harris would probably qualify in that category. With a touch of helicoter dad to boot.

Scott Cacciola of The Wall Street Journal recently reported  on Harris, and his father, and how the younger Harris' collegiate success is part of a "master plan" set up by his father to prepare him for the NBA

"It has not happened by accident. Everything in his basketball career, from his practice habits to his college recruitment to his goal of entering the NBA Draft after two seasons at Tennessee, has been orchestrated by his father. A one-time player agent, Torrel Harris has drawn on his own experiences to write a blueprint for Tobias's future—one that, in his mind, his son will disregard at his own peril."

Torrel Harris already sounds like the guy Cecil Newton wants to grow up to be like. 

The elder Harris' master plan for his son included forming an AAU team for his son. He also was responsible for Tobias and his younger brother switching schools on several occasions, where he had issues and arguements with Tobias' coaches. He was also very involved in picking out which college Tobias would play for. According to Tennessee head men's basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, the elder Harris  felt like he'd probably want Tobias to get to the NBA even more than Tobias would want to get to the NBA."

Torrel Harris is already looking forward into using Tobias' future pro basketball profits for non-basketball related 

 "He said he can foresee Tobias making his NBA money work for him by opening a bowling alley, a car dealership, restaurant franchises. He said he wants him to hire a pair of high-powered accounting firms—two, he said, so they have to compete for his son's business."

It's kind of hard to tell if the "him" Torrel Harris is talking about is Tobias or himself in that paargraph. It wouldn't be too quite of a shock if it was the latter. Torrel Harris already sounds like the kind of guy Cecil Newton would want to be like when he grows up.

(via Wall Street Journal. HT to Rocky Top Talk)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Down goes Ohio St.

It looks like America will have a new number one college men's basketball team very soon. Ohio State has suffered it's first loss of the season to Wisconsin in a 71-67 loss Saturday afternoon.It's a good enough excuse to post this legendary little goodie.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Hershel Walker tweets, South Carolina freezes, Tennessee struggles, and more

(Covering Dixie Like Mildew is the SWRT roundup of SEC  news, with the occasional pesky Southern school from another conference.)   

Still the One. The SEC once again tops other conferences with  the highest attendance figures for  college football in 2010. (Orlando Sentinel)

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? A look at  the candidates on the Florida squad who might pull a Cam Newton and transfer to another school. (Miami Herald)

Yo, I'm taking a survey.  The Senator wants to know who in the SEC you think Verne Lundquist will shower unparalleled manleove on next season. (Get the Picture)

All or nothing. Georgia's first two games against Boise State and South Carolina will  be pivotal if the Dawgs want to be in good shape for the easier part of their schedule. (SB Nation Atlanta

Hershel approved. Georgia legend Hershel Walker gives a shout out to Mark Richt and the UGA "Dream Team" on Twitter. (Dawg Sports)

Coldcocked. South Carolina is holding their winter conditioning workouts in the chilly early morning air in Williams-Brice Stadium. (

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday. A tribute for departing Kentucky senior running back Derrick Locke. (Team Speed Kills)

Up in the Air. UCF may or may not play Thursday night games this year. It all depends on what Conference USA and new television rights holder FOX Sports can work out for the television schedule. (Orlando Sentinel)

How to speak Alabaman. Roll 'Bama Roll has been rolling out a "Word of the Day" lately to help the non-Alabama fan understand the intricacies of 'Bama speak. (Roll 'Bama Roll)

Blasphemous Rumors. A comparison of SEC football programs to characters in the Bible. Somebody and God are going to have a long talk about this someday. (Garnet and Black Attack)


No Line on the Horizon. Tennessee isn't making it to the free throw line during SEC conference play as much as it did at the start of the season. (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

The World Wide Leader in intrusiveness. SEC basketball coaches are now being interviewed during first-half timeouts by ESPN. When will the insanity end? (Chattanooga Times Free Press)