Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tate Forcier: It's so hard to tweet goodbye to yesterday.

It was the least kept secret that Tate Forcier was not going to be playing quarterback for Michigan any longer. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon made that clear last week. But now the once hailed, but now much maligned quarterback has officially announced he was leaving Michigan, via the always tasteful and mature platform of Twitter. Some of the highlights from  QB Force, the Forcier family's Twitter account:

"I’ve been kicked, pushed, knocked down, publicly berated, belittled, emasculated and more."

And that was just against Iowa. 

"The humility of it all is indescribable and that is exactly my point."

Translation: I lost my starting job to a guy who can't tie his own shoelaces.

"I had to reach rock bottom in order to see the light, and for that, I am thankful."

Rock bottom meaning declared academically ineligible.

"It was not until then, I realized that it was my lack of accountability and maturity and not to pass blame."

Forcier, immature?

"I do hope all my young fans forgive me and benefit from my lessons that I have learned."

 They forgive and forget. Emphasis on the latter. They won't even remember who you are by next week.

"I had fun celebrating with the fans."

The frat parties were awesome.

"I really wanted to stay. I was not giving up on Michigan, but in the end, it was made clear they had given up on me."

Uh, what was that about not placing blame again?

"With that being said, its time for me to go."

And as Roy Clark said, "Thank God in Greyhound You're Gone"

"I promise the Michigan family and fans I will make you proud again."

How can you leave when you won't go away?

"Tate Forcier #5 - A Michigan Man Forever - Go Blue"

Until you sucker find another FBC that will take you in.

With that said, best wishes to Forcier where ever he lands.  With that, here's the inelidible image that fans will remember him by:

Shine on, you crazy Wolverine.

(via ESPN, QB Force Twitter account)

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