Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is Mike Gundy hiring Mike Leach the dumbest idea ever, or the dumbest idea ever?

It is officially pre-bowl silly season. When writers will come up with anything to justify their employment in the shrinking newspaper industry by trying to make some kind of racket that they hope will be heard all the way to Bristol, CT. Berry Tramel of the Oklahoman has done just that, by suggesting that if Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy should have to replace offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen (who could be headed to West Virginia), he should look to former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach to fill the job.
Yes, you just read that. Hiring Mike Leach to be Mike Gundy's OC.

"What a bold move hiring Leach would be. It's understood that Leach would be a short-term solution; hard to imagine him lasting more than one year. If the OSU offense again piled up 500 yards and 45 points a game — and why wouldn't it? — Leach would be plucked away for a plum job.
By then, perhaps Gundy would have in place an anointed assistant ready to take over the Leach/Holgorsen offense."

So Mike ("I'm a man! I'm 40!) Gundy should hire Mike ("fat little girlfriends") Leach? Hide your kids, hide your wife, and lock all the electrical sheds on the Oklahoma State campus. This already sounds like a clash of egos waiting to happen. It would probably be a 8.5 on the Terrell Owens ego clash scale. 
There are some ideas that look good on paper, but would probably not work in real life. Then there are ideas that even Shakespeare couldn't make look good on paper. The suggestion that Mike Leach would make a fine offensive coordinator for Mike Gundy has to be one of the later.

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