Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Tennessee, Gus Malzahn, and more

Tennessee secondary violation the first: Tennessee reports a secondary violation involving Derek Dooley inadvertently posting a message on a potential recruits' Facebook wall. (Go Vols Xtra)

Tennessee secondary violation the second. Tennessee also reported on players getting "VIP treatment" at Bar Knoxville, where the infamous "Vol Brawl" happened last July. (Go Vols Xtra)

It pays to be an assistant coach. The SEC has the highest paid assistant coaches in the country. (USA Today)

Sticking with the usual. Auburn offense coordinator Gus Malzahn says he doesn't plan any major changes to the Tiger offense for the BCS Championship. (al.com)

Final destination? Guz Malzahn would be a perfect for Maryland, according to one pundit. (Arkansas Sports 360)

Believe it, or Not! This year's Georigia defense was better than last year's. (Team Speed Kills)

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