Thursday, December 2, 2010

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Cam Newton, Arkansas, Dan Mullen, and more

"The NCAA got it right in the Cam Newton case."  Because Tony Barnhart said so. (Mr. College Football)

This won't end well. The NCAA's Decision on Cam Newton's eligibility creates a bad precedent for the future Cam Newton cases of the world. (The Lady Sportswriter)  

Cam Newton is not Reggie Bush. Because Matt Hinton said so. The fact Newton and Bush are in the same sentence for non-on-the-field reason is bad enough. (Dr. Saturday)

Needs improvement. Arkansas has a 1-4 record in the Sugar Bowl, and are 0-2 in the Citrus/Capital One Bowl.  Both of which are the most likely spots where the Razorbacks will land this bowl season. (Arkansas Sports 360)

Be afraid, Starkville. Miami is looking at Mississippi Head football coach Dan Mullen now that its quest for Jon Gruden  has hit a wall. (The Sun-Sentinel)

What does Georgia's defense and a treadmill have in common? They both involve running in place. (Dr. Saturday)

Hit the road, Mark. Georgia head football coach Mark Richt will be wearing out that Ford truck of his out on the recruiting trail trying to fill the holes in the Dawgs' depth chart. (Athens Banner-Herald)

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