Saturday, December 25, 2010

Big Tentacles: JoePa, RichRod, Ricky Stanzi, and more

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big 10 and the teams it not-so-secretly covets.)  

Another day, another Joe Pa retirement rumor. Ho hum. (College Football Talk)
Senior Trip. America's Quarterback, Ricky Stanzi, in among three Iowa Hawkeyes invited to the Senior Bowl. (Hawkeye Nerd)

Schrodinger's Wolverine. Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez says he won't campaign to keep his job in public. But isn't he doing that by talking about the subject? (Dr. Saturday)

Come On to the Future. Despite surgeries on both knees, Wisconsin is looking for redshirt  freshman defensive end Pat Muldoon to take on a greater role in the future. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Panic on the streets of East Lansing.  Yes, Michigan State's recent slide is cause for concern. (The Only Colors)

Analyze This. Looking at reports that Purdue's drug testing policies are too lax. (Boiled Sports)

Chase the Sun. Notre Dame's appearance in the Sun Bowl on New Year's Eve recalls the whirlwind tour made by Knute Rockne's 1924 squad on the way to it's first bowl appearance in the 1925 Rose Bowl. (Blue and Gold) - 
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