Friday, October 29, 2010

Sparty with a puppy? Sparty with a puppy. (aka the unofficial "Ricky Stanzi America, Love It Or Leave It Moment of the Day")

Awwwwww! Sparty with a puppy. How cute!
I almost made this the "Ricky Stanzi "America Love It Or Leave It" Moment of the Day." I probably should have (There's something else in the queue is the biggest reason why.) . Even though a) A this is Sparty, the mascot of Iowa's opponent in an absolute must-see Big Ten showdown this weekend (and a probable must-win game for the Hawkeyes, if they want to keep their dwindling Rose Bowl hopes up .) and b) a cosplaying mascot dressed as a Spartan warrior doesn't quite shout out "USA!" But trust me, this image says alot about the greatness of America.

(via Black Heart Gold Pants)

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