Saturday, October 30, 2010

Game Day Goulash

Broncos vs. Spartans. Boise State and Michigan State agree to a deal to meet in East Lansing, Mich. in 2012. With a home-at-home in 2022 and 2023. (ESPN)

Colorado wish list. If and when Colorado finally decide to put the Dan Hawkins era out of its misery, there is already a list of possible replacements, including former Colorado coaching legend Bill McCartney (cue the Jethro Tull...), Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain, Auburm OC Gus Malzahn (aka Gene Chizik's brain) and LSU head coach Les Miles. Now why would Colorado think Les Miles would need a job after this season? (Denver Post)

Does NC State fear East Carolina? NC State's athletic director Michelle Yow seemed cool on the idea of continuing to play ECU, claiming that the Wolfpack were at a psychological disadvantage against the Pirates. (

RichRod exposed. What Rich Rodriguez's former players at West Virginia really thought about him (MGoBlog)

Tucker Virtue's fame expands beyond its allotted fifteen minutes. Duke's history department is planning an "informal gathering" to discuss that you-know-what list on November 3.  It'd be interesting to see what the excuses are for some of the er, subjects on the list not participating. (Jezebel)

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