Friday, October 8, 2010

Dawgageddeon: Almost seven million reasons why Mark Richt may keep his job

What may end up be the determining factor on whether Mark Richt remains at Georgia? The obvious answer - money. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Richt's contract with UGA would require the athletic program to pay him about $5 million dollars if he is "dismissed without cause." That's not including money for longevity bonuses in the contract, which could amount to around $1.68 million. That means that UGA would have to dish out about $7 million to make Richt go away.
Even with Georgia having one of the more profitable athletic programs in the country, the budget program is expected to remain "flat" at $84.75 million. Firing Richt would cause a very big dent in the budget.

(Atlanta Journal-Constitution,

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