Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Tentacles: Joe Paterno, Heisman hopefuls, Ohio State and...GHOSTS!

(Big Tentacles is the SWRT look at the Big 10 and the teams it not-so-secretly covets.)  

Joe Paterno doesn't like facemasks. JoePa thinks that facemasks promote the kind of helmet-to-helmet hits that plagued the NFL last weekend.  He claims it makes players "fearless."(Dr. Saturday)

What makes a good Minnesota coach? A look at the qualities that Tim Brewster's replacement should have. (Off Tackle Empire

As for actual candidates...Sporting News has their choices for the job. And yes, Mick Leach is on the list, unsurprisingly. (Sporting News)

Big Ten Heisman hopes. One blog lists Wisconsin running back John Clay as a "front runner" for the Heisman Trophy.  Quarterbacks Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State), Denard Robinson (Michigan), and Taylor Martinez (Nebraska) are declared to be "falling off the pace." And America's Quarterback Ricky Stanzi (Iowa) is listed as a "sleeper." (Opposing Views)

Basketball fix of the day: Purdue's Robbie Hummel is planning a 2011-12 return to the Boilermakers following season-ending surgery to fix his re-torn ACL, according to his father. (ESPN)

Always look on the bright side of life. A BCS championship may be out of the question, but there's still a lot for Ohio State to fight for. Such as a Rose Bowl berth and extending the winning streak against Michigan to a seventh straight year. (Eleven Warriors)

Mirror, Mirror. Iowa and Wisconsin are called mirror-images of each other. So which quarterback gets to be cool Mirror Universe Spock and wear the goatee, Scott Tolzien or Ricky Stanzi? (ESPN)

Ghost story. Students at Penn State are planning an unofficial "ghost out" for the Oct. 30 home game against Michigan. The goal is to get fans to dress up as ghosts. And yes, the obligatory KKK white sheet comment has been made. So don't waste you're time coming up with one. (Onward State)

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