Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bearded wonders: Mark RIcht lets Dawgs grow puppy scruff

Traditionally Georgia head football coach Mark Richt has forbidden his players to have facial hair. But desperate times call for desperate measures. So Richt has loosened up his policy in return for the team shaving down the number of  turnovers during games. If the Dawgs have fewer turnovers than the opposing team, they don't have to shave unless they want to (or unless their mommas make them. Which is Aaron Murray's reason for keeping the clean-cut look). Richt hopes that “they are the nastiest looking bunch in America by the end of the year.”
The negative side of this policy, of course, is the possibility for some really nasty looking mugshots if the team doesn't get it's off-the-field act together.  

(via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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