Saturday, October 9, 2010

Arkansas-Texas A&M game brings up Aggies in the SEC silliness again

Arkansas heading to College Station to face the Aggies of Texas A&M has brought with it the obvious story. That being the one about the Razorbacks bolting the SEC for the Big XII, and the Agggies taking its place. Oh child, please. The pain this time is brought to you by Hellspawned Javelinas, an appropriately named Aggie blog.

"It’s a funny thing that South Carolina was accepted as a member of the SEC by rival institutions but Arkansas wasn’t. South Carolina was a last second fill-in for Texas A&M, which decided back in the early nineties not to leave the SEC until the near future, but South Carolina is considered one of the good ol’ boys, a brother in crime, a member of the SEC. What is so wrong with Arkansas?"

You mean besides Ryan Mallett being overrated? Arkansas can actually be competitive, that's what.  As for this thing about South Carolina being "accepted", it's a little bit of a stretch. Given the choice of SCAR or Clemson in the SEC, the Chickens would be out and the the number of Tigers in the SEC wolfpack would increase by one.

"The answer is that Arkansas brings nothing to the conference. The cigars are still smarting that they have to split money with Arkansas, a school that brings nothing more than half of the Texarkana TV market to the table. On the other side of the border, you have Texas A&M, a school twice the size of Arkansas, a school located in an area with 25 million more TV sets ready to tune into SEC football and throw money to the entire conference. Sure, the SEC got the raw deal, and they know it, and Arkansas gets all the blame."

Not mentioned that the majority of those 25 million households would be watching the Texas Longhorns game.
The reasons why Texas A&M shouldn't be in the SEC have been mentioned before.   Arkansas is the better program. And even if it did foolishly decide to bolt to the sinking ship that is the Big XII, replacing it with Texas A&M would be a huge mistake. Just know that the desirability of the Aggies in the SEC falls squarely in the search for fool's gold department.

(via Hellspawned Javelinas, Leather Helmet Blog)

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