Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Florida invents new way to thumb nose at Gerogia with Nike Pro Combat unis

Florida's Nike Pro Combat uniform was unveiled at a press conference Wednesday morning in New York City. It might not look different (it makes Florida look like Boise St. to one commenter), but the uni mimics alligator skin on the pants, shoes and numbers.
The big news is that The Gators will be wearing this uniform against Georgia on October 30 at the World's Largest (Censored by Dr. Michael Adams). That's right it will be against the team who wore those notorious black helmets last year, and whose former disgraced athletic director shied away from future alternate unis.
Once again, Florida has found a way to rub past history in Georgia's face. Hopefully Greg McGarity, the new UGA athletic director, can find where the Dawgs misplaced their spine before Urban Meyer hires Paula Abdul to choreograph a Gator "touchdown celebration" in the Dawgs' endzone.

(via Only Gators Get Out Alive, Miami Herald)


Anonymous said...

Are they thumbing their nose, or just picking a high-profile game? (The traditional rivals being UT, UGA, and FSU).

Wright Blan said...