Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Universities and Miley Cyrus don't mix. And UGA proves it.

Memo to America's Institution's of Higher Education: Avoid Miley Cyrus at all costs! That goes double for "Party in the U.S.A."  While it's understandable colleges and universities would want to use the squeaky-clean image of Hannah Montana to represent their schools, the results can be less than appealing. Take for example this University of Georgia orientation video for incoming freshmen. The words "Epic Fail" barely begin to describe it.

Please. Kill. Me. Now. 

First off, UGA might want to avoid anything with the words "party" in it right now. The school has a little bit of an image problem when it comes to that area. And that was before Damon Evans. Second,  college is the time where young men (and women, I guess) should stop being so interested in teenage girls.

The only redeeming value to this experiment in lameness? Seeing a shot of Mark Richt trying to look tough with his best tough-guy pose.

(Hmm, Richt does look like he's been working out there.)

Besides, didn't UGA learn anything from Penn State?

Apparently not.

(via EDSBS)