Friday, August 13, 2010

Twelve Angry Programs: Big 12 news and notes

(Twelve Angry Programs is SWRT's look at the Big 12. A conference whose members can't seem to get along.)

Tough break for Nebraska. Offensive lineman Mike Smith breaks his leg, and is out for the season. (Corn Nation)

Stupid list of the day: "2010 Big XII Quarterback Name Rankings." Boy, this is a stupid list. If only because the obvious choice for best named Big 12 QB obviously has to be Landry Jones of Texas. But obviously, anti-Longhorn bias got the best of the Oklahoma State blog Cowboys Ride for Free. It names Kansas St.'s Carson Coffman as the best Big 12 QB name. To quite Nick Swisher: "No way, dude."        (Cowboys Ride for Free)

Texas deserves more money because of facilities. Texas AD DeLoss Dodds claims Texas deserves more of the share of Big 12 revenue sharing because of the money the Longhorns have put into their facilities. Why not just say Texas deserved the money because it's Texas and get it over with? (Denver Post)

Bryce Brown enrolling at Kansas State. Whether Derek Dooley likes it or not. (ESPN)

Colorado players with minor injuries hauling other players on the sideline in wheelbarrows. Insert Mike Leach/Adam James comment here. (Daily Camera, ESPN)

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