Friday, August 13, 2010

Texas Tech reality series a year too late to be interesting

Texas Tech will be the subject of its own reality TV series. Titled The Ride, the series is scheduled to cover not only the 2010 Red Raider football season, but continue on with basketball (both men's & women's), baseball, and other athletic programs. It will run on various regional sports networkd throughout the country.
The trouble is that this show is about a yea too late to be interesting. Last year would have been the perfect time to do a series when Mike Leach was head coach. Who wouldn't want to go behind the scenes for moments like this?

Not to say behind the scenes video of Tommy Tuberville rubbing Texas Tech boosters the wrong way like he did at Auburn wouldn't be interesting, but nothing's like Mike Leach. Following Leach around last year would have been ratings gold.

(ESPN, Texas Tech Athletics official website)

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