Friday, August 13, 2010

Texas A&M's AD, and it's fans all use their delusion

Everything's bigger in Texas, they say. Apparently that includes delusions of grandeur. Take Texas A&M for example. The Aggies take pride in their school and it's place in college football. Sadly, that place really isn't where they think it is.

Even worse, Texas A&M athletic director Bill Byrne is drinking from the same fountain of delusion that apparently exists somewhere in Aggieland. Take his response to an irate fan who was upset TAMU didn't bolt the Big 12 for the SEC at the height of expansion mania this summer:

"Take a look how Arkansas and South Carolina did before they entered the SEC and how they have done since. Unless you're the lead dog, the scenery is always the same." 

Not quite. At least for Arkansas. The Razorbacks have been more in the front of the pack of the SEC West than in the back. They've been to the SEC Championship Game twice in the past decade. They lost both times, mind you, but that's neither here nor there. And yes, The Aggies are 1-1 in the soon to be defunct Big 12 Championship, but how long has it been since they were real contenders in the Big 12?
As for South Carolina, well at least the Gamecocks have beat Georgia in the past five years. The Aggies can't say that, can they. (And the Gamecocks beat an infinitely superior UGA team than Texas A&M played last year in the Independence Bowl.)  
 Then there was the response to Byrne's response by I Am the 12th Man's blogger Beergut, who while criticizing Byrne, does it for all the wrong reasons.
"If Byrne actually believes we are comparable to South Carolina and Arkansas, we really need to get someone else to take over as athletic director at A&M; the difference in resources alone shows that there is no comparison between A&M and those two schools. At best, Byrne looks like someone who isn't able to see the whole picture, despite his claims to the contrary. At worst, Byrne looks like someone who is afraid of the competition we might face in the SEC, which means he isn't the man for the job at A&M. Either way, he's shown he can still be relied on to say the wrong thing and embarrass A&M when put on the spot by the fans or the media."
At least he was right on the Aggies not being comparable to Arkansas, which is a way better team. South Carolina is arguable, but some see them as a dark horse to at least place second in the SEC East this year. As for resources, the Texas A&M athletic department had to get bailed out by the school. If TAMU had joined the SEC, it would have been something closer to the US government's bailout of GM than the average media merger.
As for competing in the SEC? The Aggies  would get  smacked around by at least half of the conference.
Texas A&M and it's fans have a delusional idea of its place in the college pecking order. They think it's an elite school standing side by side with Texas. In truth, it isn't even the second best football team in Texas anymore. Worse, it's closer to being fourth-best than second-best. And it won't be getting better this season. 

(via I Am the 12th Man, Dallas Morning News)

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