Monday, August 30, 2010

The quest for the future UGA VIII continues.

Finding a successor UGA VII, the white bulldog who served as Georgia mascot until hid untimely death last season may not seem  to important outsiders. But to Georgia fans, it's as significant as finding the successor to the Dalai Lama. News of the search has been scarce, but this item appeared in the August 28 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Junkyarg Blog:

"Speaking of bulldogs, a friend who raises them passes along a gossip update about the search for a new Uga mascot. He says that two different all-white males in the Uga bloodline who are old enough to serve now as mascot have been offered to the university, but Sonny Seiler, who has overseen the mascots since the 1950s, rejected the offers. Seiler reportedly has identified an all-white Uga relation who’s likely to be Uga VIII, but not until midway through the season, meaning interim mascot Russ will reign at least until then. (I still think if he’s undefeated come homecoming, Russ might get to stick around for the whole season.) My friend says that anyone who gets a pup in the Uga line has to sign a contract in which Seiler gets first pick of any all-white male offspring. (No, he doesn’t personally have all the prospective Ugas running around his Savannah home.) There are also restrictions that prevent owners of the dogs from publicizing the fact that they have an Uga relation or from cashing in on that connection. After all these years, Seiler has his territory well marked, it seems."

It would seem like Russ, the substitute mascot (disqualified from being UGA VIII due to non-white markings on his fur), still has a job for a the moment. Meanwhile, Leather Helmet Blog is selling a "Keep Russ" t-shirt on its site. Russ would be happy to know he has supporters out there.

(via Junkyard Blog, Leather Helmet Blog)

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