Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Tennessee/UNC fallout, ACC predictions, and more

Tennessee dropping UNC fallout. The trading out of Buffalo for UNC compared to...khakis? (Rocky Top Talk)

And for the Tar Heel response: They'll make something out of Tennessee being too much of a wuss to face the Heels, or something like that. (Carolina March)

Boston College vs. Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship? That's what the prediction from a poll of SB Nation ACC blogs says. At least the ACC expansion is working out for two of the three teams involved. How it's working out for the ACC is still up for debate. (BC Interruption)

Can Alabama go undefeated again? With Penn State and Florida on the schedule, it's going to be tough. (Team Speed Kills)

Should Maryland get new uniforms? Probably, especially if Under Armour wants to get more collegiate teams in their product. (Testudo Times)

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