Sunday, May 9, 2010

Covering Dixie Like Mildew: Mother's Day Edition

A Message from The Bear: Call your mama. It's Mother's Day

(via Roll 'Bama Roll)

A "King" berates a "Nation"
. "The King of College Football" Chuck Oliver chides the Bulldog Nation getting worked up over high school junior Christian LeMay's plans to enroll at Georgia next January when the Dawgs' probable starting quarterback in 2010, Aaron Murray hasn't even begun his career. (Chuck Oliver's Blog)

Frosted Orange is the color of schadenfreude. Rocky Top Talk counts down the "The 20 Most Heartbreaking Losses in the Last 20 Years." Read Part One with #20-16 here, Part Two with #15-11 here, then get more in depth with entries Ten and Nine. Expect to see a lot of losses to Florida an Alabama here. The 2001 loss to Georgia in the "Hobnail Boot" game had better be in the top ten. (Rocky Top Talk)

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