Monday, March 29, 2010

Bob Ryan vs. Dr. Evil Michael Adams

You may have noticed a little bit of a negative feeling towards UGA president Dr. Evil Michael Adams. Well those aren't unique because quite a few members of the Bulldog Nation don't like Dr. Evil Adams. This goes to his handling of events such as forcing Vince Dooley out as UGA AD, and the various scandals involving Jim Harrick and the UGA basketball team. And problems in the athletic department are just the tip of the iceberg. Despite this, Dr. Evil Adams is still considered as a prime candidate to replace the late Miles Brand as president of the NCCA.
Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe thinks otherwise. He wrote a column relating various scandals, athletic and non-athletic, that have surrounded Adams' tenure as UGA president. This includes accusations for financial impropriety, and and being referred to as an “Imperial CEO.’’
Ryan doesn't feel that makes Adams a good candidate for the NCAA presidency. Then again, considering how toothless and profit-minded the NCAA has become, he might be perfect for the job. And UGA supporters wouldn't mind any excuse for him t0 be an ex-president.

(via Boston Globe, Athens Banner-Herald, CBS

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