Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The sadness of the Orange Bowl rears it's ugly head again

Ah, the inherent sadness Orange Bowl.
The Sugar Bowl got Tim Tebow's last game (and maybe Urban Meyer's). The Fiesta Bowl got the BCS-buster duo darlings of Boise State and TCU (and still not bad game). The Rose Bowl had a not too bad Ohio State-Oregon match-up. The Orange Bowl? It got a rock. As usual.
Honestly, was anybody really dying to see Iowa take on Georgia Tech? Sure, both school would probably take whatever they could, especially Iowa, who kind of slipped into the BCS sideways. But really, is there anything that looks on paper to be more unappetising?
It's pretty much par for the course for the Orange Bowl. For a bowl game set in what is one of the coolest places in America, it always turns out lame. The Orange Bowl should be like this.

Instead, it's more like this:

See the disconnect here? The Orange Bowl should be reflecting the sizzle of Miami's nightlife. Instead, it's looks more and more like the place old people from North come to retire. Not really what the Chamber of Commerce is looking for. Especially after the economic meltdown.
Granted all the BCS bowls show their age at times. But the other three bowls are still hot little cougars as opposed to the Orange. The Fiesta may be the feistiest of the bunch. The Sugar Bowl, well its had a rough few years, but it manages to clean up well and hold itself together with a quiet, dignified grace. The Rose Bowl? Well, it's kind of like Jane Fonda. You disagree with what she does most of the time, but you have to give it to her that she handles herself well and still looks good.
The Orange Bowl, on the other hand, constantly shows its age and can't help but remind you that it's become the ugly sister of the family. It went from the decrepit Orange Bowl to (sigh) Land Shark Stadium (why, Jimmy Buffett? Why couldn't you have just called it Margaritaville Stadium?). At least it won't have a baseball diamond in the middle of the field this time of year.
There are times that the thought of kicking the Orange Bowl out of the BCS might not be a bad idea. Even with its location, it seems to be the lesser of the BCS bowls.

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