Friday, January 22, 2010

Michigan State fans go Sparta over new logo

Leave it to Nike to try to fix something that probably didn't need fixing in the first place. Spartan Football reports that Nike teamed up with Michigan State to update the Spartans' logo. The result which has been leaked:

The current logo is on the left, the Swoosh-generated logo is on the right.
For some reason, the new logo reminds me more of X-Men arch-enemy Magneto than Michigan State. It's more abstract, and without the gradient divided up like the current version it's harder to recognize it as a helmet on first glance. The old version looks more like a classical idea of an classical Greek helmet, and is easier to figure out. Orson Swindle at EDSBS is less gracious, and compares the design to a horseshoe crab.
As for the Michigan St. fan base reaction. Not so hot. There's the obvious anti-new logo group on Facebook, with over 6,400 members. Pretty impressive for a Facebook group a day or two old.
The new logo is reported to be officially rolled out in April. Long enough for Spartan fans to either get used to it or force alterations in the design. Probably more of the former.

(via Spartan Nation,EDSBS)

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